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From lilies to roses, chrysanthemums to orchids, the bouquet and the flowers you choose for it are as important as your wedding dress. Only problem is it can be a headache keeping your bouquet looking fresh throughout the day. Well, Gosfield Hall venue is here to help, offering a range of tips, lifted from those […] read more

posted on 18th Aug 2017

More and more people are getting married in their eighties, and older. Whether it’s their first marriage or their third, octogenarians and nonagenarians are splashing out with bigger weddings than ever before. Cute programme ‘I Do At 92’, which aired just before Christmas presented several couples who were marrying much later in life. They all refused to […] read more

posted on 11th Aug 2017

There’s nothing more elegant than a Black-Tie Wedding, Jenilee and Stuart’s special day was no exception. The day oozed with class, sophistication and lots of fiddly black ties! What topped this day off even more was that it was a Christmas Wedding which just made it beyond perfect. After being together for around 5 years […] read more

posted on 11th Aug 2017

Although we all know how important it is for a bride to look amazing, grooms these days want to look their best too. And in 2017, the bog-standard grey suit and formal shoes isn’t enough anymore. With that in mind, Gosfield Hall venue takes a look at the top 5 alternative shoe ideas for grooms, […] read more

tags: Groom, shoes 

posted on 4th Aug 2017

Spring and summer are the perfect times for fun, fruity cocktails. Adding a little fix and some pretty decoration and you’ve got a charming mix for the wedding season. These cocktail drinks are also great for an engagement party in the sunshine, or a chilled out hen party. Read on for our favourite drinks for […] read more

posted on 28th Jul 2017

Gosfield Hall venue has seen some quite stunning and awe-inspiring floral displays at weddings in 2017. It’s been a year where florists have gone all out, embracing fun and daring to be a bit different. From the minimalist and contemporary to the big, bold and beautiful, here are our top choices for floral displays this […] read more

posted on 21st Jul 2017

As a wedding guest, expenses can easily stack up, from transport and accommodation to wedding gifts. So, when all of your friends and family members seem to be tying the knot, costs can add up further still. Luckily, there are many ways that you can save as a wedding guest. Book your transport in advance […] read more

posted on 14th Jul 2017

Although there is always a place for a traditional cake at a wedding, there’s no reason why you can’t opt for an alternative if sponge isn’t your thing. Like Brides says: “Whether you just aren’t a fan of standard big-day cakes or are obsessed with a specific sweet treat, your wedding dessert is the perfect […] read more

posted on 7th Jul 2017

Every bride wants to make sure that their makeup remains flawless throughout their wedding day. A summer wedding gives you gorgeous weather for perfect wedding photographs, but your makeup has heat, sun, and hours of dancing to contend with. Read on for our top tips on how to achieve flawless summer bridal makeup, and how […] read more

posted on 30th Jun 2017

Little guests can bring a lot of life and vibrancy to your wedding day, but sometimes they can sadly bring some stress along with them. From crying infants, to little diva bridesmaids, there are a whole host of issues that you need to plan for when inviting younger guests to your wedding. With the right foresight […] read more

posted on 23rd Jun 2017

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