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posted on 6th Dec 2013

Winter is here and we are waiting with baited breath for the first sign of snow, all secretly hoping that it will be a white Christmas. We are incredibly lucky to have stunning views from Gosfield Hall all year round but when there is a covering of snow glistening in the sunlight on the surrounding fields and the trees are silhouetted against a crisp blue sky, there truly is no prettier  time of year.

Who says that bouquets have to be flowers? This snowflake inspired bouquet brings originality and just the right amount of drama to any wedding dress and can be bought out year after year to take centre stage at Christmas!

With so much inspiration, there really is no excuse for not using your imagination and going all out to shine and glisten like newly fallen snowflakes. Silver sparkle dresses are perfect for your special day and reflect the light, they would look perfect with faux fur wraps and can be bought out again and again for Christmas parties and special occasions.

Add a touch of elegance and glitz to your napkins by wrapping them in a crystal wrist band, they not only look gorgeous they could double up as favours for the ladies too!

Winter white and snowflakes decorated cakes, we think these are wonderful for our theme. Imagine them displayed on a glass cake stand, surrounded by drifting snow candles and glitter- magical!

Metallic shades compliment any eye colour and bring a touch of glamour, try a tiny touch of sparkle around the inner corners of the eyes and a light dusting of fairy dust in your hair, close your eyes and make a wish, just be careful what you wish for!

Who can resist a snow globe? This is darling! None of your friends will be able to resist trying it on and giving it a shake! It will take them back to their childhood and would be perfect as a little keepsakes for your female guests.

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