Art lover’s paradise

Red flowers up closeFor those who simply adore all things arty, there are many little additions one can incorporate into a wedding, turning it into a vision of creative beauty. With theme weddings as popular as ever, an art lover’s wedding could be something a little different from the norm, incorporating unique little quirks and adornments that will be everyone’s delight, as they will make a real eye-catching addition to your reception.

Your best method for conjuring up an art lover’s paradise is to start with colours. Bright and bold palettes are the best way to go. Think of Van Gogh and Pierre Bonnard, whose visions of artistic magnificence are as popular today as they have ever been. From here, it’s a matter of carefully choosing which decorations to add.

Writing in, Sara Burnett discovered a gorgeous photoshoot, by Stefano Santucci Photography, which delved into the concept of art-themed weddings. By looking at each photograph you’re able to really understand those intimate and personal touches that go into making this particular theme so special.

As Sara puts it – “Wasn’t that exquisite? I can’t think of a more gorgeous wedding inspiration shoot for an art-minded couple. The outfit changes on the bride are chic and the colours throughout the entire editorial are simply joyous. Each moment is refined yet speaks to the messy creativity of the arts. One of the best details is the paintbrush in the groom’s pocket – did you notice it?”

Letting the ideas flow

Start off by paying careful attention to your invitations, your announcement that this will be an arty wedding people will adore. There are hundreds of ideas out there, but it’s always good to remember that injecting you and your beloved’s personality into the design is a bulletproof way to make them stand out. Taryn Williford of has sourced 10 of the best invitations for design minded couples, ranging from the very modern to the very retro/vintage. Taryn gives a great bit of advice when creating your invitations – “Two people who love art and live art every day (who are artists, even) should bring that passion to their big day. And what better way to introduce some of that theme than in the invitation–your guests’ first impression of what your wedding is going to be all about.”

Bouquet of flowers

Take to your flowers and bouquets as paint palettes, for example Fortnum & Masons do a luxurious bouquet inspired by painters, including a wealth of bold and pastel colours all intermixed with each other to create an effervescent explosion of colour. Your floral decorations should include every conceivable shade, mixing together a melody of outstanding flower varieties.

It’s not all about classical art either, especially where the flowers are concerned. Stumbling across, we discovered this electric Art Deco themed reception set-up. The colours were unashamedly bright and eclectic, yet work perfectly together.

With this theme you can even incorporate historical periods in with it. An Art Deco themed wedding can be influenced not just by the artistic movement, but the time in history it’s famous for too. So if the roaring 20’s are your thing, you can add a touch of ‘The Great Gatsby’ to it as well, especially when it comes to the costumes, from the bridesmaids to the groom. Love My Dress has found some stunningly stylish Art Deco wedding outfits that would suit the theme.

Your venue, Gosfield Hall has the ideal artistic vibe for such a theme, whether it be a classical art style or something more modern, and definitely for an Art Deco theme.

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