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posted on 9th Sep 2015

The dress you wear on your wedding day is always important but all the little extras that you wear with it can just make it that extra special for you. Some people say the simpler the better but others love that for one day they can be as over the top as they want and no one can complain. Here are some of the essentials that you might just need on your special day!!

A Veil

If you are a Bride that loves tradition then a veil is definitely for you. Whether it is short or long, with lace or sparkles you will be sure to have that bridal moment when you wear it.

A Headpiece

If you prefer a less is more look then why not have something a little simpler but just as beautiful like a flower or diamond headband or a beaded hair piece.


The little bits of jewellery you wear will always mean something to you. A popular item to wear would be something from another family member, maybe your Grandma’s necklace or earrings for example. This will be more memorable for you and can act as your something borrowed and something old!!


We just love a pair of show stopping heels (just make sure you can walk down the aisle in them!!)


We have noticed that a lot more Brides and Grooms are choosing a certain scent and a special perfume for their day.


A girl can never be without her lippy!!

Your something Blue

This is something that you can’t be without!! Usually your garter or a little stitching in your dress is the perfect way to incorporate this into your big day!

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