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posted on 10th Jan 2013

Planning a wedding is always an exciting time; whether you’re having an intimate affair or an elaborate gala fit for a queen. One way to differentiate yourself in the quest for the perfect wedding is to host a themed event. Enchanting and beautiful, a masquerade themed event is suitable for all ages and offers a different twist on the usual wedding affair.

In the 1300’s Masquerade balls were richly elaborate and elegant pageants to celebrate marriages as well as other major medieval court events. In fact, the first known Masquerade themed wedding in history took place in 1393 to celebrate the marriage of lady-in-waiting of Charles VI of France’s Queen in Paris on January 28. These ostentatious costumed dances were reserved for those of high born status or royals. Masquerade themed weddings are part of history and are not as farfetched as some may think!

Masquerade themed weddings are becoming increasingly popular and the concept can easily transform a wedding into either a casual fun setting or a sophisticated, elegant affair. The possibilites are endless!

Photography – Neil Bailey

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