Memorable Table Names

Traditionally tables were identified by numbers but these days it’s all about adding that personal touch by giving your guests a preview into your relationship.

Firstly think about the things that reflect who you are as a couple; where have you been, what holidays did you both absolutely love, where did you meet, do you both share any interests?

Here are some of our favourites:

  • Favorite quotes




  • The word ‘Love’ in different languages




  • Places you’ve been together




  • Important dates in your life e.g. the day you got engaged, the day you first met, when you moved out together etc.




  • Favorite books or song titles (rather than just using the title you could source the book or CD/Record and place it on the table)







By creating personal table names your guaranteed to get your guests talking!

Kristy Pethers at Gosfield Hall

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