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posted on 19th Aug 2014

It is one of the hottest wedding trends right now – a picture speaks a thousand words… what a great way of putting your own personalities and messages into your photos! Get writing!!

Kisses for 50p! Anyone?? This is a great idea and what a fun photo, this was taken by one of our recommended photographers, Neil Bailey!

Your Gosfield Hall table plan will show your guests where they are sitting! Why not personalise your table plan with a background photograph of yourselves! Couple it with a Gosfield Hall order of the day for the perfect combination and keepsake.

If your guests are keen photographers do not forget to give everyone a hashtag to use during the wedding day and then later on you can see all the photographs that your friends and family have posted!

These quirky signs are great for a adding an element of fun to your photos… always interesting to see which ones your guests will choose!

Signs from your wedding day are perfect for reminding you of that special day. A ‘Happily Ever After’ or a ‘Mr & Mrs’ on your mantelpiece will trigger memories and take you back to your perfect day at Gosfield Hall.

This Blackboard is a great way of including those forever in your thoughts and hearts who would be there to share your day if it were possible.

These wooden signs help create the perfect thank you cards which everyone will love receiving after your big day.

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