The 10 best things about being married!

We all know that getting married is wonderful… especially at Gosfield Hall and if you needed any more reasons to tie the knot, we have come up with 10 more reasons!

1. Scientists claim that married couples live longer. Think of all those opportunities to reminisce about your special day!


2. It’s like having a sleepover with your best friend every night, forever… just with less fake tan and face masks!


3. You get to change your name, so start practising your new signature! Perhaps he will change his instead or go for a double barreled name for both of you, that way you both start married life with a new identity!


4. If you ever run out of PJs there is a constant supply of comfy oversized t-shirts to borrow!


5. There is someone there to hug you when you have had a bad day, run you a hot bath and light the candles…


6. You become a team of two and every problem is halved because you tackle it together.


7. You get to make plans for your future together and perhaps extend your family tree! You can plan the things that you have always wanted to do… Christmas in Europe, rent a cabin on a lake or simply have breakfast in bed!


8. You get to learn the art of spousal telepathy – you give him the “look” and he will automatically know that it is time to eat, get serious or it’s time to leave!


9. You can relax… any bad habits that you were trying to hide will not be a secret anymore!



10. The best thing about being married is that you now have a best friend for life, so look after each other and the rest will look after itself!

Jessica at Gosfield Hall

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