A Day in the Life of a Front of House Manager

This week I thought I would do a blog on ‘a day in the life of a Front of House Manager’.

Gosfield Hall has a dedicated team of wedding planners to help you plan your day from the time at which you book your date until you meet your own personal Front of House Manager at your planning meeting about 10 – 12 weeks before your wedding day. Your Front of House Manager will advise you on all aspects of your day and will be with you from 9am on the morning of your wedding, to ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly and that every detail is attended to.

Front of House Managers greet the Bride and her bridesmaids on their arrival at the venue and take them to the Garden Apartment to start getting ready!

Brides often want to do a little rehearsal of walking up the aisle if they are a bit nervous!

Once the Bridal suite is ready, the Front of House Manager will then move the Bride and her bridesmaids up to the Rococco; popping in and out of the Bridal Suite quite often just to check everything is okay and if anything is needed.

Once the Groom arrives, the Front of House Manager will do a mini tour of the house with the Groom, best man and ushers- just so they know the route and timings of the day in case they need to move people around. From past experience we have found that ushers don’t want to just wear the outfit they like to help and be a part of the big day!

The Front of House Manager will look out for the Registrars and make sure that the Groom is ready to see them 30 minutes before the ceremony. They then let the Registrars know when the Bride is ready in the Rococco Suite (the bridesmaids need to move into another room whilst they are having their meeting).

10 minutes before the ceremony is due to commence, the Front of House Manager will announce for the guests to make their way to the ceremony. The Groom, best man and ushers will lead all the guests to the ceremony room.

Once the guests are seated the Front of House Manager will escort the bridal party to the ceremony room.

The Front of House Manager will then let the Registrars know that they are ready and the music will start. The Registrars will then invite all the guests to stand and then the procession will commence.

Once the Bride and Groom have said their vows, exchanged rings and have signed the register (and maybe had some readings in there too!), official photography will then take place and the Registrars will invite their guests to come forward with their cameras at the Bride and Grooms discretion.

The Registrars will then announce the closure of the ceremony and will ask the guests to stand for the exit of the Bride and Groom (the Bride and Groom are usually followed by their parents and then the other guests follow after).

Depending on the weather, the Bride and Groom will move to the preferred room where they and their guests will enjoy welcome drinks, canapés and their photographer will take official photographs. We normally allow an hour and a half for the drinks reception.

After the welcome drinks there may be a greeting line (this can just be the Bride and Groom or it can include their parents). The Front of House Manager will then ask their guests to make their way upstairs to greet the Bride and Groom before making their way into the wedding breakfast (the Ballroom). Once all their guests are seated the Front of House Manager will announce the Bride and Groom into the room.

The speeches usually take place at the end of the meal and the Front of House Manager will introduce them whilst the Champagne and tea and coffee is being served.

After the speeches, the Front of House Manager will let everyone know how the evening will progress. Once the evening guests arrive, the Front of House Manager will gather the guests around the cake for the cake cutting and will follow this with the first dance.

The Front of House Manager is there with the Bride and Groom all evening to deal with any queries – keeping a discreet eye on things and ensuring all the guests are having a wonderful time!

Jessica at Gosfield Hall

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