The best alternative first dances this decade

It’s a tradition that’s stood the test of time. The first dance goes all the way back to the 16th century, with costume balls beginning the world’s love affair with the first dance. Fast forward to the modern day, however, and it’s safe to say that first dance dread is very (very) real. Despite the nerves surrounding the moment where you strut your stuff in front of your nearest and dearest, first dances still remain a popular wedding tradition. As a result, the majority of couples have a first dance as part of their wedding day, if not through gritted teeth.

First dance

Increasingly though, more and more couples are saying “no” to the first dance, a movement that could put artists like Ed Sheeran – whose ballad ‘Thinking Out Loud’ was recently named the most popular first dance song in a Spotify study of more than 6.7 million wedding playlists – out of business. Forgoing the awkward shuffle, mash-ups and cringey routines that constitute many first dances is one thing many couples would like to do. With the expectation there though, replacing your first dance with a more fitting alternative may be a better option, particularly when fine-tuning your wedding day running order. In this blog post, we reveal the best first dance alternatives out there right now so you can celebrate your love and union off the dancefloor.

First singalong

For couples who aren’t shy, swapping the first dance tradition for another entertaining moment is a great way to go. The microphone after all doesn’t have to be hung up after those wedding speeches. One alternative is to launch your very first singalong as newlyweds, and with a number of romantic classics to choose from it’s likely that your guests will be more than happy to join in.

Musically gifted brides and grooms may want to use the moment to take the stage and serenade their new husband or wife.

First group dance

Whilst flash mobs were all the rage in weddings of yesteryear, having a first group dance can take the edge off those first dance fears. Grab your friends and family, bring them to the dancefloor and start that party in style.


First bounce

Whether you are inviting kids to your wedding or not, becoming a big kid yourself and embracing all the fun and frolics of your wedding day is a great option when replacing your first dance as Wedding Ideas details:

“Want to do something completely different? Why not hire a bouncy castle for your reception, and indulge in a first bounce instead of a dance. Bouncy castles go down equally well with children and drunk adults, and are guaranteed to be a source of much amusement for the whole evening.”

The fun and games doesn’t have to end there. There are a variety of wacky and wonderful activities you can participate in instead of having a first dance. We’ve seen it all, from the first game of rounders to the first dance mat contest. Choose a fun first that matches your personalities and interests for the ultimate alternative.

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