Alternative wedding theme ideas

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Many couples go for a classic wedding day look, with an ambient atmosphere, the classic tux and white wedding dress and a contemporary, romantic style. However, many couples wish to shake things up when it comes to their wedding day, by going for an alternative wedding theme. In this post, we explore our favourite alternative wedding themes for a totally unique and colourful wedding day.

Hippy theme

One fun theme that you might like to go with for your wedding day is the hippy theme. Bright hues, flowers and a relaxed theme is a wonderful way to highlight the excitement and joy of your wedding day.

Find ways to bring in colours to your bridal style; going for a wedding dress with a colourful underskirt is a wonderful way to bring a bohemian feel into your look. Colourful veils, or a bright sash around the waist, are also awesome options for this theme.

Embrace floral styles – by opting for a flower headpiece – filled with bold, colourful blooms – or wear a large flower in the side of your hair. Loose curls and undone plaits are two wonderful looks to go for, if you’re considering a hippy look for your wedding. As the groom, you can brighten up your wedding day style through a colourful button hole design, tie or bowtie.

You can really play with this theme with your wedding cake. Go for a cake in bright colours, rather than the traditional white. For example, icing styled in vibrant shades and adorn your cake with beautiful flowers, climbing up the tiers. In contrast, you could go a classic white wedding cake, but go for rainbow or colourful dye on the inside of your cake, for a striking surprise upon cutting the cake.

Why not hold your wedding outdoors, for a romantic and relaxed ceremony?

Fairy tale theme

As Country Baskets notes, Fairy Tale Wedding themes are becoming more and more popular: “Whimsical fairy tale weddings have become popular in recent years, influenced by the likes of Disney classics such as Cinderella, Snow White and Alice in Wonderland.”

A classic alternative wedding theme, why not bring the romantic charm of childhood fairytales to your wedding day? This theme is best reflected in a beautiful venue, that offers a historic feel. The warm twinkle of candles throughout the venue and grounds will add to the ambience of the day. Play with a colour scheme that incorporates metallics and soft pastels, for a fairytale feel.

You can easily reflect this theme in your choice of wedding day attire, as the bride, embrace a dress with a full-netted princess style skirt and a bodice and skirt decorated with lace and crystal accents. Decorate your hair with crystal hairpieces or a classic tiara. As the groom, embrace silks and velvets in your waistcoat and bowtie.

Bohemian theme

For a more low-key alternative theme, try and embrace a bohemian style wedding. A bohemian wedding theme is all about muted colours, a venue with beautiful grounds, ambient lighting and a relaxed bridal beauty and dress style. Adorn your hair, bouquet and dining tables with wild flowers and incorporate a colour theme into your wedding day with muted shades such as sage green, violet and warm bronzes and rusts.

Your venue should radiate a charming bohemian feel, with exposed brick, open fireplaces and towering ceilings. For decor, go for bold, vibrant colours to bring a warm, fun feel to your wedding day. Embrace the twinkle of fairy lights and candles on the tables.

Go the alternative route

There are many alternative wedding themes you can embrace for your wedding day, going for an alternative theme will help make your wedding truly individual and all the more memorable for you and your guests.

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