Artificial leaves are the look for 2020 weddings

When it comes to decorating your wedding venue, the simplest ideas are often the best. In fact, taking inspiration from Mother Nature herself is often the best way to find timeless design ideas and stylish decorations.

A bit of greenery can help to bring your venue to life. Placing leaves on the backs of chairs, around your centrepieces and even around your altar can help to add style and character to your wedding décor. However, the problem with foliage is that it can quickly wilt, fade and lose its colour, leaving your decorations looking lacklustre. The way to avoid this, and ensure your venue looks good from the start of your day to the time your last guest toddles home, is to use artificial foliage. Keep reading to learn more.

How to use artificial foliage

You can use artificial foliage in the same way as you would ‘real’ foliage. Wrap it around your centrepieces, use it to decorate your doorways and have artificial foliage enhancing the windowsills, chairs and tables. In fact, any part of your venue that needs a little bit of colour or visual interest can be improved with some artificial foliage.


While green is probably the first colour that springs to mind when you think of foliage, leaves actually come in a lot of other shades. As @WeddingWire says, “The colour green is not your only option, there are many shades, from palest silvery green to dark pine green. Look for silvery colours, white, black and chocolate brown, don’t forget that leaves also come in many shades of reds to plums and blacks.”


Artificial foliage can work really well when used in centrepieces. If you don’t want the main decoration on your tables to wilt or discolour during your big day, or if you want to be able to make them well in advance, artificial foliage is a perfect choice. As artificial foliage doesn’t need water to keep it alive, you have a lot more flexibility when it comes to creating your design. Place your artificial leaves in vases to bring them together or scatter them over the surface of the table to create a more natural look.

Bouquets, buttonholes and hairpieces

As well as using artificial foliage to decorate your venue, you can use it to enhance your most important wedding accessories. Weaving artificial leaves into your hair, and using them to make hairpieces, bouquets and buttonholes, is a lot easier than using real leaves. Practice using these great decorations in your hair and other pieces a few days before the wedding to ensure you get your look just right.

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