4 wedding morning horror stories – and how to avoid them

When it comes to wedding planning, preparation is key, but even the most prepared brides and grooms are hit by panic come their wedding mornings. Dealing with feelings of excitement and nervousness and having 101 things to do before you take that fateful walk down the aisle isn’t easy. With the right frame of mind and a few helpful tips, however, you can actually enjoy the wedding morning experience and ensure the perfect start to one of the most important days of your life.

Wedding morning

Take a look at the following common wedding morning mishaps and the solutions that will help you avoid these horror stories on your own wedding day.

Help, my dress doesn’t fit!

Your wedding dress will be centre stage on your wedding day. If you try to wear it on the morning of your big day, if it’s too big, too small, stained or unable to zip up, it doesn’t have to mean the end of your dream wedding day. As with avoiding any wedding day disaster, it’s all about preparation. Having a number of dress fittings in the run up to your wedding day is important, with final fittings and checks taking place as little as one to two weeks before. As well as allowing alterations to be completed in a timely manner, your final fitting will ensure any last minute dry cleaning can be undertaken with plenty of time to spare.

On the day itself, it’s your wedding emergency kit that will be your saviour. A mini sewing kit will make light work of small tears and quick alterations, whilst a stain remover pen will be a godsend if you notice the odd mark on your dress or shoes. It may also come in handy if your bridesmaid dresses have suffered a similar fate. Find out more about what to pack in your emergency kit.

Help, the weather hasn’t gone my way!

Everyone wants a picture perfect wedding day but if there’s one thing we know, the great British weather is, at its best, unpredictable. Bad weather is one thing you can’t change. With the right planning and accessories though, rain doesn’t have to put a dampener on your wedding day as Wedding Ideas describes:

“Stock up on some pretty umbrellas and colourful wellies! Supply your guests with a box of brollies (they might not be as prepared as you) and match the colours to the theme of your wedding day. This will also look fab in your wedding photographs.”

Help, I’ve left something important at home!

There’s nothing worse than opening up your wedding bag on the morning of your big day only to discover that you’ve left your favourite perfume, good luck charm, the rings, wedding speeches or readings at home. Again, checking, double checking and even triple checking your supplies before you leave is imperative. Entrusting a family member or friend with a key to your home will also ensure you have someone back at base who could bring any missing items along with them to the venue.

Help, a supplier hasn’t shown up!

The wedding suppliers we recommend have all been handpicked and are trusted by us to deliver exceptional quality and a memorable experience. But for suppliers that we can’t vouch for, disaster can strike. A missing supplier can have a detrimental impact on your wedding day. Liaising with them in the run up to your wedding to communicate and finalise timescales is vital. Wherever possible, we can also assist with a plan B to ensure wedding morning disasters like the ones above can be successfully avoided.

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