7 ways to boost your wedding budget

There’s no getting away from it: planning a wedding is expensive. It’s often a case of trying to make your money go further, regardless of the size or scope of your wedding. Setting a budget (and sticking to it!) is a key part of planning your dream day. And although it’s not the most romantic part of the wedding planning process, it’s imperative that you get it right if those dreams are going to become reality.

Wedding budget

Once you know your approximate savings goal to throw the wedding day you’ve always envisaged, the hard part begins – saving up. There are a number of steps you can take to save for your wedding day. We’re about to reveal 7 ways that you and your partner can boost your wedding budget.

1. Be savvy when shopping for food

With the average UK household spending £3,150 on groceries and £1,600 on restaurants and takeaways every year, one area that can be saved on is your food shopping bill. By being savvy during your food shops you can save a small fortune, money that can then be added to your wedding fund. Switching some branded food items with supermarket own brands is an excellent way to save without compromising on taste. Shopping on an empty stomach is to be avoided if you want to stick to a list when shopping for food.

2. Get the rewards you’re entitled to

Joining your supermarket’s reward scheme is another route to earning while you spend money on your weekly shop. It’s not just supermarkets that offer reward schemes for loyal customers, either. You can earn points on your toiletries at Boots or Superdrug, save at lunch with a Nando’s card or Subway Subcard, and even save on your morning coffee with Starbucks Stars.

3. Become an extreme couponer

It seems like everywhere we turn there’s a discount for something, and whilst rewards may not be available on everything we want, taking advantage of these coupons and discount deals is a must. Known widely as ‘extreme couponing’, utilising discount deals is becoming a way of life for thousands who want to save and use their money to indulge in other areas. Many discounts are available as printable coupons for ultimate convenience. Jordon Cox from MoneySavingExpert.com reveals his quick trick for making the most of printable vouchers:

“Most printable coupons are one per computer, but some coupons featured on the brand’s own websites can be printed twice per computer with different serial numbers, so it’s completely legit. To check if you can, simply come out of the coupon page and click back in. You’ll be told on screen whether you have reached your print limit or not.”

4. Save when dining out

Saving for your wedding shouldn’t mean restricting yourself too much. With a bit of savvy thinking you can still enjoy the finer things in life, spend some much needed quality time with your soon-to-be husband or wife, and save more money for the wedding fund. Try booking your night out online to unlock huge discounts. Opentable, Lastminute and 5pm are just a few of the websites that specialise in money off promotions at restaurants across the country.

5. Dine out of hours

Dining out ‘off peak’, i.e. before a restaurant’s dinner sitting begins, will help you save and in turn boost that wedding budget. Many eateries also host ‘bring your own bottle’ nights where you can bring your own booze to enjoy with your meal, meaning all you have to do is pay for your food.

6. Save money on motoring costs

Your car can represent a huge expense but you can save money despite rising running costs. Go online to discover the cheapest fuel in your area, find half price deals for MOT and servicing, and compare offerings to save on your car insurance.

7. Don’t forget to cut back at home

Altering some of your home habits is another way to save money that would be better spent on your wedding day. Turning down the heating by a couple of degrees or hanging out your washing rather than using a dryer could provide the savings you need to cut your energy bills.

Want to make your wedding budget go even further? Invite your guests to gift their time, not their money for the ultimate skills exchange and save money.

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