Get the most out of your bridal makeup trial

Bridal makeup

A makeup trial is a great investment for a bride to be. On your wedding day you want to be looking and feeling at your most beautiful. The best way to guarantee this is by investing in the help of an experienced makeup professional, one who has years of talent and experience under their belt. They will find the most flattering and flawless look for your features.

While a beauty trial may feel like an unnecessary expense, it can help you to find a look that you feel totally happy and comfortable with. Especially since you can experiment with different looks and products until you find the perfect beauty look for your wedding day. But how do you get the most out of your beauty trial? Read on for our top tips.

Shop around beforehand

Shop around

Before recruiting a makeup professional, be sure to take the time to look carefully at  a number of online portfolios of each artist’s work. This will give you an idea of the kinds of beauty looks they offer and whether or not they will suit your own personal style. In addition to checking out online portfolios, also read any online testimonials and reviews to get a clearer picture about what they offer and their approach to their work.

Do your research

After flicking through a makeup artist’s portfolio, browse some makeup and beauty looks online, making notes on the kinds of looks and styles that appeal to you. In addition, print off photographs of your desired styles or shades of lip colour and bring them along to your beauty trial. This will help your makeup artists get a clear idea of the kind of look you are going for, and images will translate a lot better than explanations alone!

Wedding beauty

Share your thoughts

Once you’re sitting in the makeup chair, it’s important to share details with your makeup artist about your wedding theme, dress and colour palette. You also need to be clear and straightforward – let them know exactly what you want and what you wouldn’t be happy with. As Dermaflage emphasise, communication is key:

“Communication is key! Often, a client sits down in the makeup chair believing that the artist can read her mind and create the exact bridal makeup look she’s dreamed of, but that’s often a recipe for disappointment. That’s why talking to your artist is just as important as sharing the right pictures with him or her. If the artist is not asking you a million questions, make sure you are relaying the vibe of the beauty style you want. Show your artist your wedding dress, what your bridesmaids are wearing, the color palette, and describe the overall theme of your wedding. If the artist has a clear vision of what your wedding will look and feel like, you won’t risk walking down the aisle in a red lip and winged eyeliner at your bohemian-style wedding! It’s also helpful to show or explain your everyday makeup look, how you change it up when you go out, and any specific beauty insecurities or issues you are concerned about.”

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