Bridesmaid shares photo of brides’ dress on social media – and other bridesmaid faux pas

Every bride looks forward to the special moment when she arrives at the church or registry office. It’s the first time that her family and friends – and the groom – see her in her wedding dress. That first glance is a vital part of both the bride and groom’s wedding memories, and can never be recreated.

Imagine if you will then how horrified a recent bride was to find that one of her bridesmaids had shared a photo of her at a dress fitting on social media months before the big day. Although the offending bridesmaid didn’t accept she’d done anything wrong, the bride was left extremely upset by her actions.

So what other faux pas could land you in hot water with your bride? And is there anything a bridesmaid can do that’s truly unforgivable?


Trying to upstage the bride

Bridesmaids trying to be the centre of attention is one of the worst faux pas possible. From making a fuss about the dress to inviting a ‘plus one’ without asking first, there are a surprising number of women out there who think that just because they’re a bridesmaid, they can do what they want. If you’re given the honour of being in the wedding party, remember your main job is to ensure the bride is happy at all times.

Being late

For something so simple, it’s amazing how many people still get this one wrong – if you’re a bridesmaid, be on time for everything. From dress fittings to food tastings, rehearsal dinners to planning meetings, be on time, be cooperative and be supportive. Like @brides says:

“A great bridesmaid is never late. In fact, she’s always a few minutes early so she can offer to lend a hand.”

Bride and bridesmaids


Having too much to drink before the ceremony

There aren’t many brides out there who’d object to their bridesmaids letting their hair down and having a few drinks once the ‘I dos’ have been said. However, getting drunk before the ceremony begins is a big no-no. As a bridesmaid, you’re there to support the bride as she makes one of the most important life choices there is. And whether it’s calming nerves before the walk up the aisle, helping the bride get ready or managing last minute preparations, the bridesmaids need to be on the ball and ready for action.

Being a bridesmaid isn’t always an easy job. However, by avoiding these common pitfalls you can ensure you don’t cause any unnecessary upset and your friendship continues long after the wedding day is done.

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