How to tackle tensions from feuding bridesmaids

Feuding bridesmaids

In the run up to your wedding and on the big day itself, your bridesmaids are there to support you. Like @theknot says, “They’re supposed to be there for you through gown fittings, crazy in-laws, and crazier grooms to be. But sometimes, even your best support systems can buckle under the strain.” Occasionally, when the pressure gets too much, bridesmaids turn on each other. If there are existing tensions between your nearest and dearest, these spats could turn into all out feuds. If your friends just can’t get along and you’re caught in the middle, here are a few tips for tackling brawling bridesmaids.

Act fast

If you know there are existing tensions between two of your friends, or if you see an argument brewing, it’s important to act fast. Though you don’t want to spend the run up to your wedding playing referee, a few well-timed words from the bride should nip the problem in the bud.

Sit each of your friends down separately and remind them that this is the most important day of your life and it means a lot to you that they’re involved. Ask them to put any animosity they’re feeling aside until after the ceremony, and remind them that the wedding is about you, not them. If they’re good friends, they’ll understand and should do their best to behave.

Don’t take sides

Taking sides in a feud between bridesmaids is the last thing you want to do if the problem is going to be solved quickly. Instead, try not to ask too much about the issues causing the tensions as this could drag you into the dispute and cause even more problems.

Don’t put strong personalities up against each other

If there are two women in your bridal party who are likely to knock heads, you can prevent problems developing by ensuring they don’t come up against each other. Give them very different roles and make sure they don’t have to work together on something like the hen do or the decorations.

Bridesmaids with bride and groom

Make sure they know who’s the boss

Often conflicts arise when two, or more bridesmaids, vie to take control. If you appoint a maid of honour, or head bridesmaid at the beginning of the process, your bridal party will know exactly who’s the boss. Try to choose someone who’s good at being decisive and who’s good at diplomacy. If one of the other bridesmaids still won’t play ball, you might need to have a strong word and remind them who’s in charge.

Don’t play favourites

Though you’ll probably end up spending more time with your maid of honour than the other bridesmaids, it’s important to try not to play favourites. This can easily aggravate tensions, especially if you know the women from different periods in your life, or if they don’t know each other very well.

Managing feuding bridesmaids is never easy, but by acting fast and being decisive, you can help to avoid many of the issues that can become serious problems. To find out more about planning the perfect wedding, explore our site today.

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