Can a wedding dress be dyed?

With the traditional rule against guests wearing white dresses to weddings becoming more relaxed, we’re seeing a trend towards dying your wedding dress. Imagine, you have found ‘the one’, whether it’s a high street wedding dress or one that just fits you perfectly.

But standard wedding dresses tend to come only in white or ivory, so now you’re left with a conundrum. Can you customise the perfect dress so it matches your personality?

Ombre design

If you want to follow in the footsteps of Gwen Stefani (maybe not opting for a completely hot pink gown), ombre is a recent trend for bridal gowns. However, it’s best left to the experts as you need to be careful on the dyes used… you don’t want your beautiful dress to become a crumpled mess.

If you’re looking to include a bright colour on your wedding dress, the most effective looks are those that just have a little colour on the very bottom. It really makes the dress look striking (and is a great way to stop the bottom of your dress getting dirty!).

Tie dye effects

Tie dye wedding gowns are also becoming trendier at the moment. It’s a great way to incorporate your wedding theme into your outfit, and a real twist on the traditional white wedding. If you’re a particularly artistic type, it means that you can add a hint of your personality to your big day too. If you’re going for tie dye, this doesn’t mean you have to colour the entire dress. Even just tie dying the bottom half of the dress would look stunning.

Boho vibe

If your wedding is centred around a boho theme, a dip-dyed wedding dress would be the perfect match. It’s the ideal way to personalise a budget-friendly dress, making it look even more glamorous. 

@Whimsical Wonderland showed some stunning photos of a village hall wedding with a dip dye wedding dress that looked breathtaking and complimented the outdoor blue and orange theme so well.

Don’t forget the veil

Whilst all the attention should be on your stunning dress, if you’re adding a splash of pink or purple to the bottom of your wedding dress, don’t forget to add a hint of this to your veil too. Think about your whole outfit as one – you could also add some of the colour subtly into your hairstyle with some pretty flowers.

Whilst we wouldn’t advise dying a designer wedding dress (unless you have a substantial budget in case the dying process goes wrong!), there are many ways that you can incorporate colour within your dress. We always advise that you get an expert to add colour to your dress to ensure the dye is spread evenly.

Don’t forget to take into consideration the venue too, and those all-important wedding photos. You need to make sure the colour of your wedding dress will be brought out in front of the stunning venue backdrop.

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