How to ‘childproof’ your wedding

Boy at weddingLittle guests can bring a lot of life and vibrancy to your wedding day, but sometimes they can sadly bring some stress along with them. From crying infants, to little diva bridesmaids, there are a whole host of issues that you need to plan for when inviting younger guests to your wedding. With the right foresight and planning, you can ensure that all of your younger guests stay happy throughout the day.

Add a note to your invitations

There are diplomatic ways to ask parents to keep the best control over children as they can during your wedding day. Writing a small note in your invitation asking parents to bring along one of their child’s favourite toys, or let them know that there will be an area where children can go to cool off during the ceremony, which parents are welcome to use.

Parents of young children may feel embarrassed and stressed if their child gets upset during the ceremony, or at other points throughout the day, such as during the speeches. So they will likely appreciate a small note to let them know that you won’t be upset if they would like to leave the ceremony for a few minutes until their child feels calmer.

Keep them entertained

One of the best ways to keep kids happy during your ceremony is to bribe them. Just kidding, but ensuring that children have things to keep them entertained during the day can really go a long way in helping to keep them calm and content. Ask parents to bring one of their favourite toys along with them, to keep them happy and content throughout the proceedings. You can also offer to provide children with colouring books and bubbles to keep them entertained.

Ensure your entertainment is child-friendly

Make sure your wedding is child-friendly with children’s games, or is organised to include fun activities that both parents and children can enjoy. If your venue offers gorgeous grounds, then why not organise some outdoor games for your guests?

If you’d like to know more about the variety of outdoor games on offer at your venue, get in touch with a member of our team, who will help you set up some fun games and activities that children will enjoy.

In addition, if you’re hiring a DJ – ensure that they play some tracks that kids will love too. Most children will enjoy being able to bounce around on the dance floor after the calm of the ceremony.

Girl at weddingPrep your flower girl

If you have a child taking part in your wedding, either as a flower girl, or as a bridesmaid, be sure to prep her with practice runs down the aisle before she takes centre stage. Many children can find their walk down the aisle very nerve-wrecking – which can easily lead to tears, or understandable tantrums. As a writer at Hello Giggles notes, commenting on a video of an upset flower goal – who races down the aisle crying:

“Maybe she just didn’t get prepped for her performance and thought she was about to have to sit through church alone AND in front of everyone else after her walk down the aisle.”

Take good care of your young guests

There are many ways to keep children calm, content, and thoroughly entertained during a wedding. Just follow these tips and your younger wedding guests will be happy throughout the ceremony and following celebrations.

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