Choosing the right bridal gown

Once the man of your dreams has proposed (and the dreamlike state of bliss is over!) your thoughts will turn to what to wear on the big day. When it comes to wedding dresses, there’s a gigantic array of styles and cuts. From the elegant and refined to the vintage and ultra-feminine, we have compiled this list of the top 5 bridal gowns to choose from.

1. The boho dress

A combination of the beautiful, vintage and unique, the boho dress is one of the most romantic you can wear. If you’re having a beach wedding, go for something short yet elegant. For a church affair, find something long and flowing with a real artistic flavour. You can be bold with a boho dress, as it’s all about bringing out your carefree side. We love this selection of boho bridal dresses from Brides.

2. The modest dress

If you’re a Muslim bride then the aim is to enhance the aspect of modesty. A modest wedding dress can be one of the most stunning designs out there. Ideally, the style should be regal with a touch of vintage, sleek shapes and accentuated lines, something that really enhances your purity. The design can be plain or festooned with sequins, like a queen.

Hijabi World has a stunning post on Islamic bridal dresses, saying:

“As a Muslim, the way we present ourselves is very important. We want to dress appropriately, therefore on our wedding day we want a dress with sleeves. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a trendy dress, we will show you the latest styles in wedding dresses with beautiful hijabs.”

3. The Bollywood princess dress


Indian weddings are often a technicolor explosion, a rich sea of bold primary colours. If that sounds appealing, a Bollywood princess dress is definitely the way to go. Think strong reds and rich greens contrasted by stunning gold detailing and, of course, a bunch of eye-catching florals. Check out Strand of Silk, a blog dedicated to all things Indian wedding, for some super tips on building that classic bridal look.

4. The romantic dress

Ah the romantic dress! Wedding dresses are by nature very romantic, of course. However, there is a certain style that screams classic romance – the pure white, traditional wedding dress. Often combined with minimal lace detail, this is a style that has echoed through the ages. Long, flowing trains and veils offer a sense of timeless modesty. In the right setting, this simple style can appear otherworldly.

5. The vintage dress

For brides who adore something unique, then the vintage dress is a chance to wear something memorable. You can find the perfect vintage style by searching online or at antique shops. The vintage dress is a vision of intricate design, bundles of perfectly designed lace work and magnificent sequin detailing.

We hope you found our list useful. We would love to see your wedding dress choice, so please send us any snapshots!

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