Advice on choosing your wedding rings

Wedding rings at Gosfield HallWhen choosing the perfect wedding ring for you, there are various key things to be considered. From the precious metals which form your wedding ring, to the shape of the ring itself. You may like to carefully consider the various qualities that you are looking for in your dream wedding ring before you invest.

The material

Wedding rings can be fashioned from a variety of precious materials. Yellow gold is the classic wedding ring metal, a traditional option that has been chosen by many brides and grooms throughout the decades.

White gold wedding rings often go beautifully with platinum engagement rings, making them a nice complement to most women’s engagement rings. White gold rings often look beautiful with diamond embellishments, making them an ideal precious metal selection if you’re looking for something more fancy in your choice of wedding ring.

Platinum wedding rings are generally more expensive than gold wedding rings, but they are incredibly durable and tend to easily retain their striking look, with minimal care, long after vows have been exchanged.

Shape and style

There are many wedding ring shapes and sizes to choose from, careful consideration should be given to comfort and aesthetics when choosing the right ring for you.

Make sure that you both get fitted for rings and allow yourself the time to feel how each ring wears on your finger. hitched, offers some wonderful wedding ring advice for grooms to be, who will often not be used to wearing a ring: “If the groom is not used to wearing a ring or has never worn a ring in the past then it might be an idea to have a wax mould created to wear for a few weeks. This will give the groom an idea of what shaped ring he likes and how comfortable the ring feels”.

Classic bands, diamond set, or patterned rings are the various ‘style’ categories you can pick from. Browsing the unique styles available, both online and in store, will help you find the perfect ring.

A Groom's wedding ring


Key to finding the perfect wedding ring for you, is to consider what kinds of rings are within your ring budget. Before you start your ring shopping, make sure to research the cost of the different style of rings on the market and the material they are made of. In addition, checking out vintage styles can go a long way in saving you money on a gorgeous wedding band.

Preparing to shop

We hope our guide to choosing your wedding ring has been helpful in guiding your ring shopping planning. Whether you go the classic route or choose rings which are completely personal to you both, shopping for your wedding ring is one of the most exciting parts of preparing for your wedding day.

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