Cinematic extravaganza

The wonderful world of film has always captured the imagination. Millions upon millions of people attend the cinema each year, and are swept up in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. For a wedding reception, embracing the glory of cinema is going to make for a very memorable occasion. In this post, we take you through a few eye-catching ideas to bring a touch of old Hollywood style to your wedding day.


Film projectors

A cool and quirky idea is to feature a couple of old film projectors on some of the tables. Classic models from the 1920’s and 30’s may be expensive to buy outright, however. Try to hire them from props rental companies instead, as they may have a broad selection on offer at the right price. You can also try places like the National Theatre props department. They often allow people to hire props for specific events like weddings as well as catering to theatres.

Film projector

Our feature presentation!

To really enhance the cinema loving vibe, project a silent film onto a feature wall at your reception dinner. Something like a Laurel & Hardy or Charlie Chaplin picture would be ideal, and might help keep any little guests amused.

Wikihow gives you the rundown of how to do it:

“Choose a wall that is as white and flat as possible. Coloured walls will lend their hue to the image so, for example, a red apple on a blue wall will be purple. A crack or ripple in the wall will show through the film image. You can solve these problems by hanging a white sheet or piece of fabric, using a portable or inflatable screen, or painting the wall with movie screen paint.”


Neon wonders

A key feature of what made cinema so appealing and so magical was the cineplexes themselves, from the 1920’s through to the 1950’s, cinemas were like pleasure palaces for ordinary people, often decorated with elaborate furnishings and plush accessories. The American cinemas particularly pushed the boundaries of design, featuring large and eye-catching neon signs. For your wedding, search for some neon letters to place around your reception, this will create such a fun vibe!

Neon lights

Indulge a sweet tooth

We couldn’t mention a film themed reception without talking about candy. A fabulous idea is to have a table filled with mini bags of popcorn, toffees and all those childhood favourites synonymous with a trip to the cinema. Have the table placed at the entrance so your guests can grab a bag of sugary delights as they come in.

Sweet tooth

Hollywood’s golden age

To add a touch of cinematic gold, try hanging portraits of Hollywood’s greats from the Golden Age of Cinema. From Clark Gable and Cary Grant to James Dean and Bette Davis, their images will lend guests their glamour. Original signed photos will likely be expensive, but reproduction prints can be found online.

Golden age

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