How to cut the cost of attending a wedding

Everyone loves a wedding. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with friends, let your hair down, have a couple of drinks and party the night away. However, there are often unforeseen costs that can sometimes put a damper on the happy occasion. Getting married in the twenty-first century isn’t just expensive for the bride and groom and their families, it’s also expensive for the wedding guests.  In fact, the average wedding guest now spends £217 on attending a wedding and 12% of guests spend up to a staggering £500 on attending their friend’s wedding.

Saving money

As much as we all want to celebrate and be a part of our friend’s Big Day, modern living doesn’t come cheap! And this dent in your wallet is even more noticeable if you’re trying to save up for your own special occasion like buying your first home, a new car or maybe even your own wedding. This is why we’ve put together our hand Top Tips on how you can get combine celebrating your friend’s marriage whilst also be kind to your piggy bank.

Accommodation and Travel

One of the key areas where it is possible to save money when attending a wedding is the accommodation. If you book your accommodation as soon as you receive your invitation, then you’ll be avoiding competition for the cheaper places with your fellow wedding guests. This also gives you the opportunity to check places like Airbnb, Homestay and local B&Bs and hotels. Always ask the happy couple for any tips if you’re not familiar with the area and are struggling to find a good place to stay. You could also try staying with a relative if one lives nearby.

If you have young children then ask your family if they can babysit for the day or weekend to save the pennies while you’re away. Getting to and from the wedding can also be costly, so consider taking a coach, sharing a taxi or travelling to the event in a group.


Finding the perfect present can be a costly endeavour. If there’s a gift list, make sure you take a look as soon as possible in order to identify and earmark the less expensive gifts. There’s also the possibility of grouping together with your friends to buy the bride and groom one of the more expensive items on their list, or making a large financial contribution towards their honeymoon if that’s what they’re asking for. You can also save money by giving the bride and groom a gift of your services. If you’re a photographer, maybe you could offer to take their photos or film a wedding video if you know they’re getting married on a budget.


Another way it is possible to run up a significant bill when attending a wedding is with your outfit. We all know how nice it is to splurge on a new dress or splash out on some fabulous new shoes, but have a good look through your wardrobe first. Really consider your outfits. Is there anything you haven’t worn for some time? Could you combine a smart or occasion dress you’ve had for a few years with different shoes and accessories for an exciting new look?

Alternatively, you could borrow a friend’s suit or dress for the day, or even try out some of the occasion-wear hire companies like Chic by Choice. To finish off your look, try doing your own makeup and hair rather than getting your hair and nails done professionally. Start experimenting with different makeup looks and hairstyles a few weeks beforehand, so that you’re completely comfortable with doing it yourself come the Big Day. Moroccanoil recommends rocking “loose waves in a low pony [to] elevate any look!”

Whatever you choose to wear, just remember that the most important thing to do is to have fun and to help your best friends enjoy the magnificent occasion.

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