Engagement party gift ideas

Champagne and candles

Your friend’s engagement party is coming up and the big question of what to buy the couple is circling around your head. There are many classic gifts that couples will be happy to receive, in contrast – you might like to surprise them with something a little quirkier, to make your gift really stand out when they are opening presents. Delve into our favourite engagement party gift ideas, and start writing your shopping list.

Do you have to give a gift?

Unlike a wedding, it is not always expected that you bring a gift to an engagement party, as The Knot notes, “You don’t need to bring a gift to an engagement party—but it’s more appropriate to do so at some types of events.”

An engagement party is traditionally a time when the couple wish to bask in their excitement with family and friends, and while a celebratory congratulations is expected – a gift is not. However, while it’s not tradition to bring a gift, it is becoming more and more common to give gifts at an engagement party, and some couples may be expecting one. Even if it is not expected, a gift while likely be much appreciated – so you can’t go wrong if you do decide to bring one.

A good way to decipher whether or not it is expected that you bring a gift, is to consider how formal the engagement party is. Is the party being held at a classy venue? Did you receive a formal invitation in the post? Is the dress code ‘smart’? If you ticked all the above boxes, then you might safely deduce that the event is quite formal, so we suggest looking into buying a gift.

Where to begin?

What do you buy for an engagement party? Many are familiar with the traditional presents gifted at a wedding: the toaster, the waffle iron, the breadmaker, the high speed blender: things that newly-wed couples will enjoy using and find useful, in their new life as a newly married couple. While a wedding usually calls for practical gifts for the home, an engagement party is the time for presents that are a little more fun-loving.

A great place to start, is to invest in a present that they can both enjoy together. For example, a good bottle of wine, champagne, or whisky, would make a great gift. While at a wedding party, practical homewear should be embraced, at an engagement party – why not invest in a chopping board with a quirky design, a chocolate fondant maker, or a colourful cookbook? Each of these can be enjoyed by the couple, and will be appreciated for their fun flare.

Romantic drink

Experience gifts

Experience gifts can be a wonderful, alternative gift idea – ideal for an adventurous couple. A brewery tour, a spa day, or a romantic getaway, are some of the most popular experience gift ideas to choose from. Experience gifts will win brownie points for their originality, and will be a wonderful start to the memories that the coupe will build together as newlyweds.

Charming romantic gifts

An engagement party is the perfect time to surprise your friends or family with a romantic gift. Silverware, engraved with the couple’s initials, is a nice option. In contrast, you may like to gift a photo frame, of a photo of the couple.

Find the ideal gift

If you’ve been invited to an engagement party, and you sense that it’s a formal affair, why not treat your friends’ or family, to one of these fun, romantic, or adventurous gift ideas?

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