Beware of fakes and scammers when buying your wedding dress

As any bride or bride to be will know, the wedding dress can swallow up a healthy chunk of the wedding budget. An integral part of the day and incredibly important to most women who walk up the aisle, the bill for that all important gown can easily run into the thousands.

Wedding dresses

As you will probably be spending a fair amount of your hard earned cash on your wedding dress, ensuring that you’re not scammed or deceived is essential. Unfortunately fake wedding dress horror stories are all too common these days, so make sure you keep your cash safe – and secure the perfect dress – by following these simple tips.


Buying online

As Wedding Ideas Mag says “Buying a wedding dress online appeals to lots of brides-to-be because of the potential cost and convenience benefits.” However, when you buy online you open yourself up to an increased risk of being scammed. If you’re sent a fake or faulty dress from an online seller, getting your money back can be a lot more difficult than it would be if you bought from a physical shop, and it can be a lot harder to speak to a real person and get the issue resolved.

Beware of bargains

If you find a wedding dress deal that’s too good to be true, it probably is. Beware of bargain sites and sellers offering huge discounts on designer or branded items. If you find a gown for sale at a great price, make sure you research the seller and the online retailer to ensure the item is genuine. Unfortunately, real bargains are few and far between when it comes to buying the perfect wedding dress, so don’t be fooled by a tempting money-saving deal.

Check reviews

Most reputable online retailers and sellers should have at least a few reviews available for you to read. See what other brides to be have said about the product and the retailer and walk away if the seller looks at all dodgy. Remember that a lot of fake wedding dress sites can look surprisingly real, so make sure you do a thorough online search before parting with any cash.

It’s all in the details

Often, the key to spotting a fake wedding dress or an online scammer is in the details. If there are grammatical errors in the description, if the photos look like they’ve been lifted from another site or if the email address you communicate with has a generic domain name (i.e. dresses@gmail/yahoo/hotmail) your alarm bells should start ringing.

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