How to include family heirlooms in your bridal style

Many brides have precious family heirlooms that they’d love to show off on their wedding day. Luckily, there are a number of stylish ways to incorporate a special family heirloom into your bridal look. Read on for our advice on how to include your own.

Feature your family jewellery


One way to incorporate your family heirlooms into your bridal look is by adding jewellery to your wedding day wardrobe. Many families choose to pass down beautiful jewellery, such as brooches or sentimental rings. Choosing to wear your relatives’ jewellery is one of the easiest ways to include family heirlooms in your wedding day attire. Take the time to consider which jewellery piece would suit you best and which piece would best complement your dress and overall look.

In addition, you can also feature inherited jewellery into your bridal bouquets and the bouquets of your bridesmaids. Brides suggests the best way to include family gems into your bridal style:

“An heirloom brooch is a no brainer, of course, but what about something like a family watch, bracelet, necklace or even a rosary? Wrapping your bouquet is always a good sentiment and you can use anything to do so. Also, as heirlooms often include pieces of jewelry, while you use the original heirloom you can have your girls wear cloned pieces that look just like it!”

Wear the dress

Vintage dress

An obvious way to incorporate a cherished family heirloom into your bridal look is by wearing a relative’s wedding dress. Maybe your grandmother wore a beautiful lace gown on her wedding day that you could wear to your own wedding?

It’s likely that sizing will be different, but you can easily get an inherited wedding dress amended to fit by an independent seamstress. In addition, you can have your dress amended in various other ways in order to give it a more modern feel. For example, you can experiment by adding fabric overlays to the top of the dress, or you can embrace stylish embellishments such as delicate beading to add some sparkle.

Thread your family traditions into your wedding day

Family traditions

If you don’t have any family jewellery you can incorporate into your wedding day, there are a number of ways that you can include your family traditions in your wedding. For example, maybe your parents or grandparents read you a special book when you were younger – you can easily include a memorable or romantic verse from a childhood story in your wedding reading choices.

You could also choose to replicate the bouquets and flower arrangements used by your grandmother or mother. Another sweet idea is to include your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding photos in the big day. This might take the form of snapshot copies of these photos printed on your wedding invitations, or in photo frames on tables or mantelpieces at your venue.

Bringing in family traditions

We hope our post has helped inspire you to think about how you can include your special family heirlooms in your own bridal style. Including a relative’s jewellery or other sentimental item is a lovely way to celebrate your relationship with them on your wedding day.

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