Bridesmaid gift ideas for winter bridesmaids

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Your bridesmaids play a key role in organising your wedding day; they’ve supported you and helped you through the whole process. As Rachel, a writer at Glamour Mag UK, notes “Being a bridesmaid is an honor, but it’s also a commitment.” Buying them a small gift of appreciation is a lovely way to say thank you for all the love and support that they have shown you during the planning and organising of your wedding. Below, we explore our favourite seasonal gifts for winter bridesmaids.

Classic snuggly jumpers

Chunky jumpers, perfect for snuggling up with a cup of tea and a book or box set, are an ideal gift for a winter bridesmaid. Jumpers styled with seasonal prints; such as deer, snowflakes, or polar bears, are right on trend for winter and might be perfect for a stylish and quirky group of bridesmaids.

Hot chocolate kits

Hot chocolate is one of the joys of winter and homemade hot chocolate kits are endearing, heartfelt and inexpensive way to show your bridesmaids the love. A basic homemade hot chocolate kit might include – mini-marshmallows, cocoa mix, and a cute mug.


A soft toy is a perfectly playful gift for any bridesmaid who is young at heart, and is perfect for the wintertime. Adorable handmade fluffy woolly mammoths, polar bears, and yeti monsters can also be sourced on Etsy.

Winter scarf

Stylish winter scarfs

A cozy winter scarf, will keep your lovely bridesmaids warm in frosty weather. From chunky, thick-knit jumpers to chic scarves with prints: there are a variety of pretty scarfs to choose from to suit each of your bridesmaid’s tastes.

Nail polish in seasonal shades

For winter bridesmaids, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality nail polish in a cute seasonal shade. There are endless options to choose from: the classic chic pillar-box red looks beautiful with some added seasonal sparkle or shimmer. Metallics are another superb option for season: golds, silvers are especially brilliant choices for Christmas time. In addition, you may like to go for something more vampy: purple, navy, and dark green will all fit the season if you opt for shades with incandescent shimmers or sparkles.


Necklaces are a lovely gift for the season: bold statement pieces are a nice option for the style-savvy bridesmaid, while delicate pendants are likely to be well-received by the more sentimental bridesmaid. Another lovely gift option for your winter bridesmaids, might be a locket that holds a photo of you and each friend inside.

You can go for necklaces that reflect the season by choosing gemstones classically associated with wintertime: diamond, white sapphire, quartz, turquoise, moonstone, pearl, labradorite are all said to be the best gems for this season.

Treat your bridesmaids to a seasonal gift

Buying your bridesmaids a quirky, thoughtful, seasonal gift is a nice way of showing your appreciation for all the support that they have provided your during the wedding planning process. From chunky-knit scarves to statement jewellery, there are endless endearing bridesmaids gift options to pick from for the winter.

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