Gosfield Hall’s 10 Top Tips for Gift Lists

Get your wedding gift list just right with these top tips from Gosfield Hall!

1. Have a gift list
It may sound obvious, but almost half of couples choose not to create a wedding gift list, and for your guests this presents a real problem as they struggle to think of what to buy. Gosfield Hall has lots of gift ideas for your guests ranging from a gorgeous Gosfield Hall print for you to keep in memory of your special day to chocolate dipped strawberries and a bottle of our Pink English sparkling wine for the Bride on her arrival.


2. Consider your options
There are now lots of gift list options to consider – you could have a traditional single store gift list, a honeymoon fund or even ask for donations to your favourite charity.

3. Be ready on time
Traditionally your gift list should be ready as soon as your invitations are posted. Plan ahead, do your research and stick to just one list and make sure your guests have all the information they need as soon as possible!

4. Create heirloom
After the confetti has settled and the honeymoon tan has faded, your gifts will stay with you for the rest of your life. They will become your new family heirlooms, which is really special.

5. Capture the moment
Your wedding photographs will always be special to you. Add bespoke photo albums and beautiful frames to your gift list so they can be protected and displayed forever.

6. Give guests a choice
Some guests may have traditional views while others will be happy to give a monetary gift towards your honeymoon. Try and cater for everyone.

7. Consider their budgets
You’ll have a good idea of how much most people would like to spend- the national average is now over £60. Try to add items at the top and bottom end of the budget and consider adding gift vouchers as a flexible option.

8. Make it personal
Your list should bring a smile to guests faces as they think ‘that is just perfect for them’. Don’t feel restricted by tradition and add items that are suited to you.

9. Think about delivery options
Do you want your gifts delivered to Gosfield Hall? Whilst it is traditional to do so, you’ll need someone to take charge of getting them home securely. If you’d rather not have gifts at the wedding, look into services that can offer delivery to you at home as gifts are purchased.

10. Thank you letters
Finally, be sure to thank everyone who was kind enough to buy you a gift. Sometimes this can be easier said than done unless you’re super organised. You can pre-order our Gosfield Hall customised thank you cards at the same time you order your matching invitations! Also as a little personal thank you to your guests, you can send a Gosfield Hall history book as a memento to remind them of your very special day.

Jessica at Gosfield Hall

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