A guide for grooms – standing out on your wedding day

When it comes to wedding day style, many couples have one question in mind – should the groom and his groomsmen match? Traditionally, the groom and groomsmen would wear the same or similar attire. But in an age where standing out is all the rage, more and more grooms are differentiating themselves from the pack. We don’t blame them for wanting to stand out. Why should your wedding day be all about what your bride is wearing?

In this blog post, we reveal the top ways handsome grooms can feel extra special and eye-catchingly stylish on their wedding days too.

Experiment with colour and fabric

Your tie (or bow tie if you’re opting for more formal attire) can add a lot of character to a suit or tuxedo. There are plenty of colour and fabric combinations to choose from, meaning you don’t have to go for the more traditional black and white or even sport a solid colour at all. Velvet ties and bow ties are especially trendy, adding texture and interest to the most formal suit styles.

Coordinate or clash to perfection

Select a colour that’s full of personality whilst your groomsmen wear a similar solid and matching colour. Colours and textures that clash or contrast with those worn by groomsmen works well too. Wearing a bow tie while the rest of your groomsmen wear a tie is also just enough of a difference to coordinate and stand out at the same time. The same goes for wearing a waistcoat, while your groomsmen go without.

Grooms should also consider coordinating their attire with the bride. If your bride is going big with her wedding gown, rise to the occasion with a classic black tuxedo. If your bride covets a more rustic theme, go for a laid-back look with your suit. If you’re a bride currently shopping for the perfect wedding dress, you may want to read our top tips for finding the one.

Don’t forget the other accessories

Your tie or bow tie isn’t the only wedding day accessory you have to play with as a style conscious groom, as Brides explains:

“The right pocket square, sunglasses, bow tie, and shoes, can make or break his wedding day look. (And it makes for a pretty timeless groom gift as well). There’s something for every personality—from the most laid-back dude to the most traditional prepster.”

Your accessories choices don’t end there. Tuxedo jackets are available in different colours and patterns. Braces, cummerbunds and cufflinks are other accessories that can make the standard three-piece suit more unique. Personalise your accessories choice, and don’t be afraid to let your interests shine through. There are plenty of quirky designs to add to your cuffs or buttonhole arrangement for instance.

Go more formal

Not everyone in your groom’s party has to have a three-piece suit. In fact, making your groomsmen more casual while you opt for a formal look is a tack taken by many grooms. Some grooms even go the whole hog by opting for a unique style or colour suit to ensure a different look from the rest of their party.

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