Guest welcome bags – to do or not to do

We couldn’t agree more with @theknot when they said that, “A welcome bag is a fabulous kickoff to a wedding weekend’s festivities!” Wedding welcome bags are a fabulous idea, particularly for any destination weddings or for friends and family members who have had to travel to your wedding, because they’re an unexpected treat that gives a taste of the festivities to come.

A guest welcome bag is a regular element for weddings in the United States of America, but they have now started to appear more and more frequently in the UK and Ireland, particularly for weddings where the bride and groom have family who have had to travel to the Big Day.

But what are they and what do you put inside them? They’re really just a goodie bag for your guests that might also contain some useful and interesting information about the local area. If you’ve decided that you would like to put together a helpful and fun welcome bag for your guests, then it’s time to start thinking about the items you’d like to put inside as well as how you would like to present your welcome bag. The key is to make the welcome bag, hamper or box (there are no hard and fast rules!) look as attractive and appealing as possible.

Where your wedding is being held and how far your guests are travelling affects whether a wedding welcome guest bag would be appropriate and what you put inside. For instance, if you’re getting married on a country estate like Gloucestershire’s Clearwell Castle, which has three onsite cottages perfect for guests, then they’lll be provided with tea, coffee,  milk, bread, butter, jams and cereals so that’s all taken care of. But there are still plenty of ways to give your guests a little personalised gift as they arrive. Items you could consider popping in for your female friends and family might be hairspray, spare tights, mints, toothpaste or Kirby grips. If you’re planning on having a fairly boozy day then how about throwing in some paracetamol or ibuprofen for the morning after?

More fabulous items that you could put in your welcome bag for your guests include attractive maps with helpful information about places like local shops, pubs and bars and even hairdressers. This is easily done by simply collecting some brochures and leaflets as well as speaking to the local tourist information centre. Failing that, this is where the internet comes in handy! If you’re getting married somewhere of historic significance then you could also add some interesting facts about the spot.

In addition to all of this, remember to add a thoughtful and welcoming note from the two of you thanking them for coming to your Big Day and saying how much you look forward to celebrating with them.


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