Walking down the aisle – your guide to gliding gracefully

The walk down the aisle is enough to strike fear into any bride-to-be. Like your first dance and the exchange of vows, your journey down the aisle is a key moment and all eyes will be on you. Although you’ll have worked tirelessly trying to pick the perfect music for your journey and find the most stunning wedding dress, gliding gracefully to the altar and strutting your stuff without stumbling may require some extra advice. Here we reveal our top tips for walking down the aisle confidently and comfortably on your wedding day.

Wedding ceremony

Keep your posture relaxed but composed

As the new Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle so gracefully demonstrated when she wed Prince Harry in front of billions, composure is everything when walking down the aisle. Whilst you probably won’t have to walk as far or in front of as many people as the Duchess, keeping your shoulders back is a must. Beware of being too rigid though, you want to be comfortable on your walk and on those all-important wedding pictures.

Stand up straight, relax your arms and walk at your normal pace, not forgetting to keep your bouquet low so everyone can fully appreciate your magnificent wedding dress.

Use your escort as support

Having a family member or friend walk you down the aisle is a great tradition in British weddings and a vital source of support, particularly if you’re not used to walking in heels or you’re nervous. Don’t lean on your escort too much, simply lock arms to ensure you have a helping hand with every stride and you can hold your bridal bouquet in the most suitable position. Don’t be afraid to have a little practice run with your escort before the official walk. You’ll both be able to get into a position you’re comfortable with and set the most fitting pace.

Holding a bouquet

Don’t forget to smile!

Spending too much time concentrating on how you should and shouldn’t be walking is all well and good but don’t get lost in the mechanics of your procession. Smile, after months (or even years) of wedding planning it’s finally your special day so enjoy it. Acknowledging your guests as you go will also give a nod to the people who are there to celebrate your big day with you.

Focus on the end destination

The walk down the aisle can seem very (very) long but remember why you’re walking and who you’re walking to. You’re on your way to become a Mrs so make every step count by focusing on your end destination. Finding this positive focus will ensure a confidence even at this most nerve-racking of moments, as Brides details:

“As you start walking down the aisle, focus on something that will make you smile (we recommend your partner waiting for you at the altar!). Once you start crying, there are few things that will stop you. Keep those emotions in check by avoiding making eye contact with any crying guests and instead focusing on someone who is reassuring and positive. Sorry, mom, but those maternal tears will have to wait.”

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