Help! I’ve got to plan a Honeymoon!

Boys- this is the one thing you really don’t want to mess up! So follow our foolproof guide of how to do it…

Be Prepared

‘Better late than never’ might apply to her arrival to the ceremony, but it doesn’t cut it when it comes to booking your honeymoon. Start planning the big trip as soon as you’ve set the date. Panic buying is never a good look- so book early.

Not Everyone Likes Surprises

Yes, we know it’s supposed to be a surprise, but a shock is a step too far. Ask for her opinion and whatever you do, tell her what kind of things to pack- no woman wants to turn up on safari with nothing but a few bikinis and a kaftan!

No Back to Basics

Remote is good; without facilities is not. You might not need a hairdryer but your new wife will probably require a power point. And while you’re at it: air-con, a tub for two and decent thread-count on the sheets.

Don’t Pack It In

There is nothing less romantic than packing so don’t try and do too much. One or two mid-trip flights are enough and don’t stay anywhere less than two nights- this isn’t supposed to be a whistle-stop tour.

Upgrade Your Style

You don’t want to embarrass her on the beach with trunks you’ve had since school, so invest in a new honeymoon wardrobe. Why not even upgrade the luggage- a posh case might help the upgrade chances.

Be Room Savvy

Admit it, she’s probably picturing an overwater villa. But just because it’s going to blow her away doesn’t mean it has to blow the bank. Opt for the best room in a more affordable hotel, rather than the cheapest one at the best resort.


Nothing says ‘I love you’ like turning off your Blackberry. All emails, texts and screen-time should be banned on a honeymoon- two’s company, three’s a crowd.

Name Game

Airline staff are pretty unforgiving when it comes to names on tickets and passports not matching. So leave changing her passport until you get back and make sure all travel documents have her maiden name on them.

Check in and Chill Out

Talking of passports and travel documents, make sure you keep them in a safe, but handy place. In fact make copies and stash them somewhere too. But ultimately, relax- you’re on honeymoon!

Jessica at Gosfield Hall

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