How to announce your engagement


Getting engaged is one of the most exciting moments of your life, but how do you announce your engagement? In a world of Facebook and Twitter – what’s the best way to announce your happy news?

Family First

When announcing your engagement, it’s important that you let your parents know first. When it comes to family – face to face is best. It’s a good idea to let your parents know in person and to avoid any posts to social media before you’ve told them the news.

However, while experts say that parents are first in line for the news of a first engagement, if it’s your second, then let your children know first.

If you get engaged on holiday and can’t wait until you arrive home to announce your news, it’s acceptable to let your family know over the phone. Facetime may be even better, as it allows you the chance to show off your ring, to announce your engagement to more than one person at once (potentially) and to share your news with your partner by your side.


When it comes to announcing your engagement to your friends and other family members – including your siblings, grandparents, aunties and uncles, and cousins – it’s most appropriate to announce your engagement over the phone.

Send a Note

Martha Stewart Weddings suggest opting for the classic announcement – announcing your engagement through a letter:

“In the past, the bride’s mother would send out handwritten notes to formally notify friends and family of her daughter’s engagement. Bring back the tradition, or send save-the-date cards, which can serve the dual purpose of announcing the engagement and informing the recipient of when the wedding will be held. Of course, the latter is really only an option if you’ve decided on a date.”

Sending a note is a lovely way to announce your engagement, in a world full of social media posts. It can also give you the perfect opportunity to organise an engagement shoot and share the beautiful photos with family and friends.

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Social Media

Many Millennials may rush to announce their engagement on social media, before they do anything else, but it’s important to announce your engagement to family members and friends first, or you may run the risk of leaving them feeling offended and hurt.

After sharing your news with family and good friends (face to face is always best) go to town announcing your engagement on any (or all) of your social media feeds. Sharing photos of your engagement on Facebook and Instagram is a great way to spread the news with distant friends, acquaintances and colleagues; it will save you time, meaning you don’t have to share your news with every single person you know!

The Simple Rules of Engagement Announcements

There are different ‘rules’ for announcing your engagement to different people. Think carefully before you announce your engagement on social media and be sure to inform your family and close friends first.

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