How to incorporate black into a wedding

Black and white stripes on the floor

Once thought of as bringing bad luck, black is being used more and more in weddings of all types. Used well, black can really help to set off a colour theme or add character to your aesthetics. Like My Wedding Favors says “As an accent color, black can add a level of sophistication that you may not find in an all-white wedding”.


Black and white stripes can look fantastic as part of your wedding décor. Whether they’re the main theme or simply an added detail, stripes add style, confidence and a distinctive touch to your reception area. Use black and white stripes as table runners, on your wedding stationery, in your balloons or in your wedding accessories to help make your theme stand out.


If you want to use black in your wedding theme but don’t want the colour to dominate, black ribbons are a great option. Use them to tie your bouquets, decorate your chairs and tie your bridesmaids’ hair. As long as the black is matched with a bright, bold colour it will look fantastic.


A fantastic option for a country house wedding, black candles can add a real sense of occasion to a wedding venue. Team your black candles with distinctive glass holders to help them stand out and to make them into a real aesthetic feature.

Table settings

As a wedding table setting is made up of several different elements, it’s a great opportunity to incorporate aesthetic ideas that you haven’t been able to fit in elsewhere. Use black in your name settings, menus, napkins and other features. Using black in this way allows you to make the colour as dominant or as subtle as you like, putting your ideas firmly in the driving seat.

A gift with a ribbon on


If you’re wearing anything like a belt, bag or hairpiece on the day, you can create contrast with your white dress by opting for black accessories. Though you won’t want to go overboard with the colour, a few touches of black on your outfit can really help to set it off and make your wedding dress look truly memorable.

Used carefully, black can add a distinctive and stylish look to a wedding. Whether you’re throwing an elaborate country house reception or an intimate ceremony, the colour can help to add definition and character to the event.

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