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Hello! I am Jasmine of Jasmine Jade Photography and a recommended wedding photographer at Gosfield Hall. I am lucky enough to work at Gosfield regularly and so today I wanted give some of my insight into favourite spots for photography throughout the seasons. Whether you have chosen your wedding date or in the process of choosing a wedding venue I hope you find the images helpful, I am definitely better at taking photos than writing blogs for sure!


As a photographer I am obsessed with light, photography after all means, drawing with light. So for me, my favourite time of year to photograph a wedding is autumn.

Not only do you have beautiful autumnal colours you also have low & heavenly golden light and if its shining on your wedding day in autumn you are bound to get jaw dropping imagery.  Check out the photo below from Lois & Graham’s wedding day, taken in the bridal suite at Gosfield in October. I absolutely love this photograph, its one of my all time favourites.

Autumn is also a great time of year to get phenomenal dusk shots. In the summer dusk usually happens after your photographer has gone home but autumn is a great time to ask your photographer to get some night shots for you. They are very time specific so I always advise to put it in your schedule for the day. The optimal time is approximately 30 minutes after dusk.



On a good day in winter you can get some incredible light, and with an experienced photographer you can get some incredible shots using that light outside at Gosfield Hall.

But lets face it we live in England and good weather is not always a guarantee, but actually, this is where I think Gosfield is different to most other venues around the UK. Its beautiful architecture, decor and sheer size allows you to capture amazing imagery all year round, shots in the grand Salon windows, bridal suite or on the stairs, are just a handful of examples of things you can do in winter (and all year round) at Gosfield Hall.

Obviously in December the Hall is tastefully decorated with Christmas trees in the Salon, Library and Grand Staircase; all make for a great backdrop for your group photographs. Its such a bonus for you and your guests to know that group shots can be taken inside by a warm & cosy fire while your guests can enjoy a mulled wine and mince pie instead of having to be outside in the freezing cold waiting from their photographs to be taken.

For a photographer a winter wedding at Gosfield Hall is always a delight.



Spring is that time of year where everything emerges to life again after the dark and bleak winter.  The beds on the library terrace are beginning to grow and everything outside in the gardens begin to look their best.  By early may the magnolia tree in the court yard is in blossom. Sadly, I haven’t been lucky enough to use it as a background yet but I am longing for it to come alive for a wedding I have at the Hall in may 2018.

By late may the wisteria is in full bloom on the West side of the Hall. These are just a handful of my preferred locations to photograph during spring time. However, without doubt, my most favourite thing about late spring and very early summer at the hall is that as the sunsets it moves across the west side of the building and is low enough to shine directly through the Clock Tower’s carriageway during golden hour. So just after your speeches is normally an ideal time to head out for some couple shots. The light exudes a yellow warmth to add that extra va va voom to your photographs. Its a real must.


Summer is by far the most popular time of year to get married for obvious reasons. Its a great time of year to have your ceremony outside at Gosfield Hall, my personal favourite spot is in the courtyard, it looks great for your photographs.

In summer the short walk to the local church also offers for some unique photography of your groomsmen and guests walking to and from the church in the farmers barley/wheat field if your lucky enough to get it before its harvested usually in late July.

After your meal and speeches its a great time to enjoy some drinks with your guests on the sun terrace for some relaxed informal photography as your guests soak in their surrounding and can watch the sunset.


Regardless of the season, Gosfield Hall is one of the few wedding venues that offer flexibility no matter the weather so your photographs are bound to be great no matter what. If you would like to see all photographs from a wedding please click the links below.

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