Expecting a heat wave on your wedding? How to help guests cope

According to recent research, extreme heatwaves are becoming more common around the world. Although a lot of people in the UK will probably see this as good news, it does throw up a few challenges for couples planning their weddings during the summer months. From overheating guests to melting desserts, holding a wedding in the middle of a heatwave isn’t always easy.

If you’re expecting temperatures to soar on your wedding day, a bit of pre-planning will help to keep your guests comfortable and your wedding on track. Here are our top tips for keeping cool on your big day.


If a heatwave is forecast for the day of your wedding, it’s essential that you provide plenty of shade for your guests to shelter under. Older people, young children and pregnant women in particular will need to get out of the sun, so make sure there’s plenty of space for them to sit and relax in the shade. As @TheWeddingAList suggests, ‘Rather than banishing them inside to cool off, incorporate cute chill-out areas into the outdoor space. A few large parasols, or a pop-up gazebo would be ideal’. Talk to your venue about what they can offer in the way of shade and properly protect friends and family on your big day.

Cold drinks

Serving a selection of cold drinks before and after the ceremony, and at your reception, will help to prevent your guests from overheating in sunny weather. Offer a selection of soft drinks and low-alcohol beverages as guests arrive at your venue and create a signature cocktail for your friends and family to enjoy once the ceremony is over. You should also talk to your venue to ensure that cold water is readily available throughout the day.

Sun cream

If you’re planning on holding large parts of the day in an outdoor area where shade isn’t readily available, you should seriously consider investing in sun cream for friends and family to use. You can either buy a few larger bottles for people to share or you can buy individual sachets for your guests to use. Offering sun cream during your toasty wedding will help to ensure no one goes home looking red in the face.


Protect your guests’ eyes as well as their skin by handing out sunglasses as favours during your big day. Keep things simple by giving all guests the same pair or mix things up by investing in a variety of designs. As well as making your guests more comfortable, stylish sunglasses can look great in photos and add a unique aesthetic to your wedding.

Whether you’re holding your wedding in a heatwave or not, we have the expertise you need to make the day a success. Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out more.

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