Manicure and hand care advice for flaunting your wedding ring

wedding ring

Many wedding photo albums include close-ups of the ring finger. Read on for our advice on how to give your ring hand some TLC, ready for the camera.

Hand care

The skin on your hands is highly sensitive and is frequently exposed to the ravages of the sun, cold, and the harsh air. As such, taking care of your hands is highly important, and they will need some extra TLC if you plan on having a photographer snap shots of your wedding ring.

The skin on your hands cannot easily regenerate itself, which leads to the skin becoming cracked and dry. As such, it’s important to keep the them well-moisturised. A good place to start with your hand care is with a nourishing, thick moisturiser. A good hand moisturiser will prevent your hands from drying out, and will keep them well-nourished, smooth, and healthy. Moisturising will also help strengthen your nails, helping them to avoid becoming chipped and worn.

If your hands are feeling extra dry, and look as if they are in need of some extra care, you can also nourish them with a moisturising face mask. A basic, moisturising face mask can easily be used on the hands to help soothe dry and cracked skin. In addition, gently buffing away dry skin with an exfoliating scrub, or microfiber cloth, will help tackle any dry skin issues.

Skin is known to regenerate most efficiently at night, which is why applying skincare products in the evening is particularly effective for nourishing and repairing the skin. Nivea UK, offers some simple instructions for this process:  “An extra dose of care at night is quite simple: rub in a thick layer of hand lotion or cream (Nivea Smooth Nourishing Hand Creme, for instance) and pull on a pair of light cotton gloves. Simply leave them on throughout the night and wake up with delicately moisturised hands.”

A selection of nail polish bottles

Nail care

Ridges and white marks on nails are often caused by zinc deficiencies or the natural aging process; to lessen the look of these marks, frequently moisturise and boost your diet with foods loaded in zinc (opt for cheese or spinach).

Beautifully-manicured and painted nails can easily be achieved at home. A nail shape that is a mix of oval and square is perceived as the most flattering, and can easily be achieved with a nail file.

Wedding day nails can look flattering in a range of shades, but a subtle nude looks beautiful with most wedding dresses. Our favourite nude is OPI Tickle My France-y. When doing your own manicure – start with a base coat, and then apply two thin layers of polish, followed by a thin layer of your top coat. These simple steps will ensure that your nail polish appears smooth and even, and lasts throughout your wedding day.

Lovely hands

Smartly-manicured nails and well-kept hands are easily achieved with a simple moisturising routine, a nail file, and a quality basecoat and topcoat.

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