Your wedding day: How to be present

Your wedding may have been months or even years in the making, but one thing almost every newly married couple say is how fast the day flies by.

Your wedding day is certain to be one of the most memorable occasions you’ll experience. Yet, with so much to do and so many family members and friends to thank and dedicate time to, it can also be particularly exhausting.

We’re proud to have been a part of so many couple’s special days. With this in mind, our words of wisdom would be to plan ahead to stay as present as possible and make a real effort to savour every moment. Here’s how to do just that on your upcoming wedding day.

Use your wedding week wisely

The week before your wedding should only be reserved for a small, menial last minute tasks. Try not to plan too much during these last few days to ensure a calm and restful run up to your wedding. Being truly present on your wedding day relies on staying as stress-free as you can be.

Use your wedding week to look after yourself. Eat well, exercise, and get plenty of sleep to ensure you’re feeling your best on your wedding day. By honing the right mind-set, you can stay present and positive.

One task you should make time for in the run up to your wedding day is breaking in those wedding shoes, especially if you don’t wear heels very often. You need to feel comfortable on your wedding day, so wear those new shoes in to avoid achy feet and painful blisters on the day itself.

Take a break from celebrations

Your wedding day will be a whirlwind, but it’s important to remember exactly why you’re doing it. Sneak off together and spend a few precious moments simply taking in your new status as newlyweds.

It’s so easy to get distracted on your wedding day, but escaping your guests for just five minutes to put everything in perspective can help you to truly experience and enjoy the rest of your big day.

Surprising your bride or groom with a special gift on the morning of your wedding day is not only a thoughtful way to start proceedings and fuel wedding day excitement. It’s a chance to bring thoughts back to just the two of you. Check out these romantic ways to surprise your partner for inspiration.

Leave your phone behind

Your photographer is charged with capturing your wedding day and your wedding guests are sure to take plenty of their own pictures, so leave your phone in the bridal suite.

Phones are a daily distraction, but they shouldn’t be a disruption on your wedding day. Stay connected with your new husband or wife and the rest of your guests by enforcing a technology ban on yourself.

Ask for help

Things go wrong, even on the most meticulously planned wedding days. Having a great team – which includes everyone from your wedding suppliers to your bridal squad and groomsmen – to support you will ensure your day’s little and big dramas are resolved and go unnoticed by you and your partner.

Here, Style Me Pretty contributor Kylie Thompson explains why letting go is the key to staying present and making memories that will last a lifetime:

“Allow your wedding manager, master of ceremony, or bridesmaid to worry about the day. Hand the schedule over to them before the wedding and let them tell you what’s next. This will help you from being the one to worry about what’s ahead and just enjoy each moment.”

Your Personal Wedding Manager and the rest of the Gosfield Hall team are on hand to ensure your wedding day goes ahead without a hitch so you can focus wholeheartedly on enjoying every moment.

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