The rise of the mini-moon

Mini moons

With the average wedding now costing in excess of £25,000, there has been an increase in couples choosing to have shorter honeymoons. Time constraint pressure for couples getting back to work as well as the significant savings required to get married in the UK in 2017 mean that honeymoons are now being spent on luxurious weekends away in fabulous European cities or even in country cottages across the UK.

The mini moon is a smaller honeymoon, sometimes just a long weekend away, can be anything up to a week long trip taken by a bride and groom straight after their wedding. Post wedding trips to a variety of locations around the UK are steadily increasing, particularly to seaside towns like St Ives, Cornwall, or the quaint Cotswold villages.

@weddingmagazine’s three top tips for planning your Mini-Moon are: 1) explore your interests 2) keep journeys short, and 3) treat yourself! You’re only planning on doing this once, so splash out a bit! If there’s something the pair of you, or just you, really fancy doing then do it! Whether that’s a trip to a spa for a couple’s massage or a champagne picnic watching the sunset make sure you have the best time together and make some memories to last a lifetime!

Mesmerising mini-moons here in the UK

You could hire a classic car and explore the Cotswolds together, with romantic picnic lunches in sleepy summer meadows – or head up to the Scottish Highlands for board games, whiskey tasting and delectable shortbread sampling. Just remember – this is officially the start of your marriage so have the best possible time together.

Pembrokeshire, Cornwall and Devon

The UK has got something for every type of holiday maker and this extends to honeymooners and mini-mooners too. If you’re looking for a beach holiday then heading to Pembrokeshire in West Wales, or countless locations in Cornwall or Devon, will give you the romantic retreat you’ll need to recharge your batteries after all the wedmin-related stress!

Oxford view

Bath, Oxford and Cambridge

Regency Bath and the historic university towns of Oxford and Cambridge are romantic getaways, where you can combine buzzing nightlife, walks in the countryside, or even a trip down the river snuggled up under a blanket, eating strawberries and drinking champagne.

London, Cardiff and Edinburgh

Head to one of the UK’s capitals for a long weekend or week in a high-end, luxurious hotel – where you can soak up some of Britain’s culture in style. Walk around London on a Ripper Tour, splash out on some retail therapy in Cardiff, or go to one of Edinburgh’s many museums (or even the famous Fringe Festival!).

Mini Moons abroad

To make the most of your time on your Mini Moon, you need to get to your holiday destination quickly which is why travelling to a beautiful city, or town in Europe is an ideal mini-moon. Flights are well priced and invariably, quick meaning that you can make the most of your time away with your new spouse rather than being trapped on a plane!  Russia, Iceland and Morocco have flight times of up to 5 hours, so you’ll be able to spend more time together feeling all loved up!

If you’re really stuck for ideas then you could always check out the Big Apple! New York has something for everyone. Whether you want high culture and to spend your days in museums and art galleries, or you’re both sports fans and you want to take in a baseball game or a basketball game, New York is a place you’ll remember forever!

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