Get ready for mixed-gender bridal parties

Traditionally in western weddings, the bride has bridesmaids and the groom has groomsmen. However, as @weddingshoppe says, ”It’s time for some wedding traditions to fall by the wayside. One of the biggest traditions is that the bridal party – i.e. the bridesmaids and the groomsmen – has to be strictly divided along gender lines.” This means that your brothers or male friends no longer have to be excluded from the bridal party simply because of their gender.

This move towards mixed-gender bridal parties is great news if you have a male best friend, or if you want to include male relatives in your bridal party.

Having a mixed team behind you on your big day can have many benefits and help to ensure you have the wedding that suits you perfectly.


These days, a lot of women have close male friends and relatives. When it comes to their wedding day, these women want all their nearest and dearest there to be by their side and enjoy the fun. While some women opt to include male friends in the groom’s contingent, more and more are bucking tradition and including them in the bridal party instead.

Although some people may find the idea of men in the bridal party strange, there’s no real reason that all brides, and grooms, can’t have both men and women backing them up on their big day. In fact, mixing up your bridal party can make your wedding day even more enjoyable and ensure you have all your loved ones by your side as you walk down the aisle.

Matching outfits

Traditionally, all the women in the bridal party wear matching, or complementary outfits. This helps guests easily identify the bridesmaids and adds to the aesthetic of the event.

If you’re including men in the bridal party, matching outfits probably won’t be a practical option. Instead, look for outfits that complement each other. Choose a strong colour and run it through all the bridal party’s clothes to bring them all together and create a strong, unified look.

Stag and hen parties

If you’re including men in the bridal party, they should get an invite to the hen do as well. In some cases, this might mean you need to adapt your activities to include your male friends or family members.

This is especially important if you’re going to a spa as genders are often separated for treatments and you could find your male friends spend most of the day on their own. Talk to the person or company organising your activity to find out if any changes are necessary.

Mixing it up when it comes to your bridal party can help to make your hen do, and your wedding, an even richer and more enjoyable experience. Find out more about wedding planning and our stunning exclusive use venue by exploring our site today.

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