5 napkin ring ideas for your Christmas wedding reception

When it comes to decorating your festive wedding tables, every detail matters. The more time and thought you put into planning and creating the centrepieces, the name cards and the place settings, the more impressed your guests will be when they walk through the door. One detail that’s all too often overlooked is the napkin ring. Offering you an extra opportunity to brighten up your table and emphasise your theme, the napkin ring is an essential part of your wedding décor.

Napkin ring

1. Take a cue from Mother Nature

Mother Nature has a bountiful supply of decorative materials, all you need to do is collect them. Holly leaves and bright red berries can be used to create an attractive festive napkin ring or you can use seasonal herbs like rosemary and thyme to make your Christmas napkin decorations. As @ThiftyFun says, as well as helping to style your wedding tables “The aroma of fresh rosemary will tempt the taste buds of your dinner guests or family for the meal to come.” Add a few dried flowers to the arrangement and tie the posy around your napkins using twine.

2. Go metallic

Metallics and Christmas go hand in hand so why not add a bit of sparkle to your festive napkin rings? You can either invest in plain silver or gold coloured rings and keep the arrangement simple or you can opt for more elaborate and intricate pieces and add a real feature to your wedding tables.

3. Jingle all the way

Few things conjure up images of Christmas more vividly than the sound of jingling bells. Add a bucket load of festive cheer to your table settings by attaching a small bell to the napkin ring so that guests jingle and jangle when they pick them up. Tie the bells on with ribbon or metallic string to help hold the napkins in place.

4. Stylish stripes

Evoke images of Christmas candy canes by sourcing striped rings for your napkins. Red and white stripes will offer a classic festive look or you can throw green and silver or gold into the mix to brighten your table up even further. Place a candy cane next to each napkin to emphasise your theme and give you guests something to smile about.

5. Let it snow

If you’ve decided to have a wintry festive theme running through your wedding, why not take inspiration from the most iconic element of the season: snow? Snowflakes are beautiful, elegant and decorative making them the perfect addition to your festive napkin. If you can’t source napkin rings that are decorated with snowflakes, you can make your own by gluing a snowflake cut out to a plan silver ring.

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