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If you’re planning on assigning set places to the guests at your wedding breakfast, you’ll need to invest in some name cards. As well as helping your nearest and dearest find their seats when it’s time to eat, name cards can help add a personal touch to your wedding décor and ensure all your guests feel truly welcome.

As The Balance says:

“Wedding place cards are a must have when it comes to your wedding reception.This is an easy way for you to plan out your wedding reception seating and they allow guests to easily find their place. Not to mention they add a wonderful bit of style to your wedding tables.”

Choosing a theme

The easiest way to begin designing your place cards is to think about your overall wedding theme, and then try to find a way to make the name cards a part of it. For example, if your tables are going to be named after countries you’ve visited as a couple, you could make each place card out of an old map or attach a compass to the card. If you’ve opted for an autumnal theme, you could choose to display your place cards in pine cones, while a floral theme could see your name cards tucked into a seasonal bloom.

Combining place cards with wedding favours

An easy way to make your name cards stand out from the table and make them fit with your theme is to combine place settings with wedding favours. If you’re planning on giving out little pots of jam, bottles of booze or jars of sweets, you could write each person’s name on the label and then place the gift by the appropriate seat.

If you’re thinking about giving small plants as favours, you could attach the name tag to the blooms or write the name on the pot. For giving out sweets, you could spell each guests name out with gummy letters or specially made love hearts. Combining two traditions in this way can help to make your guests feel welcome and well looked after while helping you to keep costs down and personalise your table settings.

Name plate

Creating your name cards

The best way to ensure your wedding name cards have a personal touch is to make them yourself. Writing each individual guest’s name out will help to give your cards personality. It also offers you the opportunity to think about each of your loved ones in turn as you create their place setting. Use a gold or silver pen to add a little glamour to your name cards, but avoid biro at all costs. If you don’t have a steady hand, or if your handwriting leaves a lot to be desired, you could print out the names and then glue them to your carefully created name card.

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