Love The Crown? How to have a regal feeling wedding

If you can’t get enough of the style and splendour of The Crown, or if you were inspired by the star-studded guest list and spectacular venue of Harry and Meghan’s wedding, you may well be thinking about how you can give your own day a regal twist. Whether it’s the look, the scale or the luxury you like, giving your wedding a royal touch is a great way to help the day feel even more spectacular.


If you want your wedding to have a regal feel, booking a high quality venue is a must. As @EliteDaily says, “Figuring out the venue is one of the most important parts of planning, because the place you pick will make an appearance in every single photo from the day.” Ideally, you want to book a large country house or manor, one that exudes a regal ambience. Hire an exclusive-use venue and you and your guests can even stay in the property for a few nights either side of the big day. This will help you to feel like the real lord and lady of the manor and give your guests an experience they’ll never forget.


If you’ve watched The Crown, you’ll know that the Queen likes to arrive in style. If you’re going to give your wedding day a royal touch, you need to arrange transport that does your regal ambitions justice. A classic car or even a horse drawn carriage would be perfect. If you really want to get that royal feel, ask your guests to line the approach to the venue and wave flags as you arrive. Ask your venue if there are any transport companies they’d recommend before booking your vehicle.


No self-respecting royal would wear just one dress on their wedding day. Instead of investing in just one gown, you’ll need to buy a dress for the ceremony and another for the reception. In general, the second dresses that royal brides wear are slightly less ornate than the first, but the choice of style is really up to you.


When it comes to getting a royal feel at your wedding, the more guests you invite to the day, the better. Royal weddings are famously crammed full of the great and the good, and the more people you can invite to your big day, the more it will feel like an event. This will help you and your partner to feel like real royals and will help your guests to really get into the swing of your royal theme.

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