Seasonal weddings

Gosfield Hall in the snow

Seasonal weddings: Summer sun, Springtime sensation, Autumn leaves, or Winter wonderland.

Picking a season is often the first step in planning your wedding day and each season comes with its own charms; bringing a unique feel, colourful scheme, and natural backdrop to the big event. In this article, we will explore the main pros and cons of each season of the year to help you pick the right season for your wedding.


Wintertime can lend your wedding a stunning snowy backdrop for gorgeous wedding photos. The striking landscape provides a unique setting for your day and will stand out against an array of spring and summertime weddings.

Michelle Leo Cousins, a wedding planner, gushes: “winter is a brilliant time to hold your wedding, as the colour palette really comes to life against the neutral backdrop of the snow and the lighting gets taken up a notch“.

However, do you have a large number of names on your guest list? Snowstorms and icy roads could potentially cause your guests travel complications so this may be something to carefully consider if you dream of a big white wedding. Moreover, December can be a busy time for many people, with the Christmas festivities, so you may like to opt for a more relaxed winter month if you are determined to have a large wedding party.


Summer seems to effortlessly bring a bubbly and relaxed atmosphere. Warm hazy days and beautiful natural scenery can be matched by a bold and vivid colour scheme. In addition, many people have a more open schedule in the summer months, making it the ideal choice for a bustling wedding party.

The warm weather and vibrant, scenic landscapes make summer a very popular choice for a wedding, so competition for the best venues and wedding services can be fierce. However, the warm weather can be both a curse and a blessing, as the summer sunshine may leave some guests uncomfortably warm.

Bride and groom in Gosfield Hall


Warm, yet breezy; spring has a fresh feel, with its inviting natural blooms and cool blue skies. Spring has a welcoming and joyful vibe, making it the perfect season to hold your wedding. Spring also brings with it a variety of beautiful flowers, ideal for crafting some fabulous DIY bouquets.


The autumn is a beautiful season, and the golden leaves and red berries set an alluring scene for your wedding photos. Coppers, golds, and rustic reds combine to make a striking wedding colour palette; contrasting with the sharp whites and blacks of the classic wedding attire. An autumn wedding is becoming increasingly popular, as Ivy Jacobson explains: “fall weddings are picking up steam and are well on their way to being the newly crowned king season for weddings. Whether it be a change in cost or just cooler weather, fall is well on its way to being the new wedding season”.

The weather in autumn is also relatively non temperamental, so you’ll hopefully avoid the strong wind and rain. In spite of this, sometimes the snow can arrive early, so make preparations for any potential surprises.

Summer, Spring, Autumn or Winter: Which Will it Be?

We’ve rounded by the pros and cons of holding your wedding during each season: we hope that it helps you narrow down your choice for the big day!

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