Top 5 alternative shoe ideas for grooms

Alternative shoes

Although we all know how important it is for a bride to look amazing, grooms these days want to look their best too. And in 2017, the bog-standard grey suit and formal shoes isn’t enough anymore. With that in mind, Gosfield Hall venue takes a look at the top 5 alternative shoe ideas for grooms, ranging from casual to formal.

1. Smart Converse Trainers

There used to be a standard and unbreakable rule that a man had to wear formal shoes to his wedding. Well, as the phrase goes, rules are made to be broken. Over the last decade or so we’ve seen this rule become less and less important to grooms. Many are taking a more individual and fun loving approach to their attire.

A groom needs to look smart, but that doesn’t mean he has to dress in such a rigid way. For a cool contrast, try a pair of Converse All Stars to wear with your suit. A favourite brand of millions, these trainers come in a variety of styles and colours. That includes everything from the classic canvas to leather and even tweed!

If you’re a laid-back kind of guy, a pair of the right Converse might be the perfect accompaniment to your outfit.

2. Oxford Brogues

For these dapper gents out there, the Oxford Brogue is king! These statement shoes have a long and rich history, with origins in Scotland and Ireland. They began as a workman’s shoes to something warn by the most stylish men in the world. Everyone from David Beckham to big screen heartthrob Johnny Depp have sported Oxford Brogues.

The strong leather and neat perforated design is ideal for a groom who loves his vintage style.

Oxford brogues

3. Brogue Boots

Similar to the Oxford Brogue shoes, wearing Brogue boots would make an excellent style statement, these are particularly good if you’re going for a rustic theme. Pairing them with some dark blue jeans or tweed trousers, a white shirt and waistcoat, and you have yourself one brilliant smart-casual look!

4. Loafers

The loafer has gone in and out of fashion for many years. Originally designed by Wildsmith Shoes for royalty and the aristocracy in 1847, it soon became the favoured shoe style to look smart in relaxed settings. Since the 20th century, the loafer has been part of many fashion movements, from the 1920’s dapper gent to the New Romantics of the 1980’s.

With the emergence of vintage and Hipster styles, the suede or leather loafer is back in vogue. These are the ideal shoes for a groom looking to mix smart and casual. It is the style statement of an individual and a gentleman.

5. Gladiator Sandals

Although only suitable for a Spring or Summer wedding, the “gladiator sandal” can be used to create an awesome alternative look. For grooms, this is a way of keeping feet cool and free all day. Although this would be difficult to match with a traditional suit, if you’re interested in wearing these sandals you’re probably aiming for something more relaxed and informal anyway.

These are also a neat alternative for grooms who are having traditional Indian style weddings, as Sunil Ralhr over at Entourajj explains:

“Sandals have made an epic return to the fashion scene and have been featured in the collections of renowned designers like Givenchy and Tom Ford (and those guys know what they are talking about). Office stock a brilliant range and the, ‘Gladiator Sandal’ is one of our favourites. The Italian made, cross weaved leather supports your foot in all the right places. For weddings in warmer climates, they can be easily paired with a pastel, cotton suit, or, for a traditional wedding back at home, they are offer a no nonsense alternative to mojari’s.”

As you can tell, there are no hard and fast rules for wedding footwear anymore. Grooms have a chance to show off their style and creativity with a bold footwear choice. It’s time to take the opportunity!

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