Themes to fit the venue: Gosfield Hall

Neatly situated among the lush greenery of the Essex countryside, Gosfield Hall oozes with all the wondrous charm and evocative style of the typical English manor house. Resplendent and intricately decorated, this venue is renowned for not just its architecture, but its past too. 

A former palace, which has seen royalty cross its threshold many times. Since its introduction to the CHW family, Gosfield has warmed the hearts of many a loved up couple, who have held their weddings in its grand reception halls. Such as the lovely Mr and Mrs Anstey, who said of Gosfield: “When we saw Gosfield it was pouring down with rain and we still loved it! It was one of those situations where we walked in and had that ‘feeling’, like when you are buying a house or finding a new job.”

Filled with surprising additions, such as a bar that extends the full length of the party room, and not forgetting the Grand Salon, which provides a truly impressive welcome, with its stunning high hand-painted ceiling. 

For a venue that relishes in unmitigated grandeur and regal excess, Gosfield Hall deserves a special theme. So, looking at its unrivalled aesthetics, a theme of fantasy game into our minds. A story, of a Prince and Princess, no less. 

For the fantasy theme is one that has been tried and tested many times before, so there is much to look at for inspiration. A quick peruse of blogosphere and we found some awesome ways to bring a touch of literary fantasy to your theme. 

Bring in elements of the theatrical, the historical and the genteel, your fairytale prince and princess theme needs lots of flowers, so fill those tables up with the most eye-catching and royally inspired florals you can think of.

For an added slice of enchantment, festoon your reception hall with some twinkling LED lights, we suggest something with a silver or gold finish for that extra touch of whimsy. 

We love the idea of keeping it Hans Christian Andersen style, with elements of mystery. As Happy Wed Suggests: “Candle lanterns, LEDs, cakes and cupcakes decorated with flowers and moss, a relaxed and mysterious atmosphere.”

You can even go for a touch of the Secret Garden too. This is an old tale which has plenty of beauty that can be recreated at Gosfield. Love Wed Bliss goes into a bit more details: “The story takes place towards the end of the Edwardian era – an elegant era when luxury, glamor and fantasy were in vogue. If you’re looking for a theme where you can indulge in romantic flowing dresses, dreamy decor and twinkling tree lights, then the Secret Garden wedding is definitely for you.”

The general fantasies we have in mind are all Victorian and Edwardian based, so look out for lots of chiffons and lace. Remember, this your chance to go all out girly with the theme, but of course keeping your hubby as the ultimate symbol of masculinity, like all good fairy tales 

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