Enjoying your big day: 7 lessons from married couples

According to Hitched’s Wedding Survey results, it takes couples and average of 12 months to plan a wedding. This can make the big day feel a little anticlimactic, after so much work. Lots of couples feel like their wedding day goes by in a flash, and three-day weddings are growing in popularity as a result. Whether you opt for a three-day extravaganza or stick with one, it’s vital that you enjoy your wedding.

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Here we impart seven snippets of wisdom from married couples who have been there and done it already, so you have the advice you need to enjoy your big day in all its glory.

Lesson 1 – Let go of the things you can’t control

Although there’s likely to be a number of items to tick off on your wedding day to-do list, knowing when to let go is just as important. There are many things that you can’t plan for – the weather being one of them – so after sorting your plan A and plan B, just relax and let go.

Lesson 2 – Get your timings right when booking

Booking the right suppliers is a must in the run up to your big day. Just married Aoife Lonergan offers her advice on what should and shouldn’t be confirmed early in this blog post from weddingsonline:

“Waiting on my photos still… but my advice would be to book who you like when you have the chance you can never be too early. If your wedding is a while away don’t pick your bridal party yet. Things can change a lot in 2.5 years from getting engaged to getting married. Get a decent photographer and get the DVD. Apart from rings, they are all you have left after the day.”

Lesson 3 – Don’t be afraid to do away with some traditions

Getting a great night’s sleep is imperative the night before your wedding day, so if the only thing that will settle your nerves is to spend the night with your partner then do it! Some wedding traditions are there to be broken, and if spending the night before your wedding together has more pros than cons, start your wedding celebrations a little earlier!

Lesson 4 – Have a first moment together post-ceremony

We’ve all heard of the hugely emotional first look, the look that you and your new husband- or wife-to-be share as you approach each other at the ceremony. But having a first moment together is just as essential, especially if you did avoid your partner the night before. Even the most carefully planned wedding schedules are hectic. Making time for each other should be a priority and will be looked upon with the fondest of memories long after your wedding.

Lesson 5 – Look after yourself on your wedding day

In the chaos of fulfilling wedding timings, it can be so easy to forget the essentials. Many brides and grooms skip eating and staying hydrated in favour of working the room and being the hostess or host with the mostest. Make time to sit down, relax and enjoy the wedding menu you so carefully picked and be in the best condition to enjoy every part of your wedding day.

Lesson 6 – Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Delegation is the key to great wedding planning, so don’t be afraid to ask for help, not just in the run up to your big day but on the wedding day itself. Your family members, friends and suppliers will be more than happy to assist, leaving you to enjoy your celebration. Here at Gosfield Hall, our personal wedding managers are also on standby to assist with anything you need during your wedding day or in the run up to this very special occassion.

Lesson 7 – Plan for a happy marriage, not just a great day

Your first year of marriage can set the course for future happiness. Don’t let your wedding day be the last hint of romance. Put in the effort to win your new wife or husband over time and time again, and continue having those adventures that keep you learning, living and growing together.

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