Tips for the groom: how to look your smartest

Smart groom

So, you’re getting married to the most beautiful girl or handsome guy in the world, but as the wedding day approaches you’re worrying about how to look your smartest for the occasion. Well, have no fear! Gosfield Hall venue has some great tips for you, from simple grooming ideas to making making the most of your accessories.

The tie and pocket square conundrum

Tie and pocket square

Some people find the very notion of wearing a tie uncomfortable, never mind a pocket square. A lot of modern workplaces don’t even require their employees to wear a suit. For those who don’t know, the simple rule of choosing a tie and pocket square is this: they shouldn’t match.

A good example is of the groom sporting a plum purple tie. He could choose a brown, white and purple gingham pocket square. This is the perfect accompaniment, since the small amount of purple acts as a complement to the tie without duplicating it.

Choosing the right suit colour

Suit colour

This all depends on how style conscious you are. If you’re a Johnny Depp type and have your own specific style, then you’ll know what looks good and what styles make you feel the most comfortable. For most guys out there, the question of which suit colour will work best is a pressing question.

Over at Your Perfect Wedding Photographer, they have some great advice on choosing suit colours. We love the idea of the groom sporting a navy blue suit (because grey is so overdone). On the subject of a blue suit they say:

“A navy suit is a popular choice and looks very smart and fashionable. It will work with most shoe colour choices, tan and brown can look smart while also relaxed, while red and burgundy shoes are a bit different and fun. Black shoes can make your navy suit look very smart and a bit more formal if you think brown shoes are a little to casual for you.”

The smart casual question

Smart casual

We’ve covered the smart, but now it’s time to talk about the smart casual look. As couples are becoming more inclined to opt for a relaxed feel to their weddings (rather than stiff and formal), we’ve seen many different styles that capture the spirit of smart casual.

As Whimsical Wonderland Weddings summarises on the smart casual look:

“If dressing up smart just isn’t you, then go for a more relaxed look. Shorts, open shirt, waistcoats or braces can all look fantastic. Or ditch the dress shoes for your favourite pair of converse, desert boots or sandals.”

There are many ways you can make this work. For example, pair your navy blue suit with a simple white shirt and Converse All Star’s. It’s a super simple way of looking amazing.

Another path is to choose pastel colours. A pastel green suit with white shirt and some tan leather brogues is a very stylish combo.

The all important grooming routine


Whether your aim is to look like James Bond or Doctor Who (the David Tennant version) you’re going to need a foolproof grooming routine. Now, as a rule, a man will have a grooming routine anyway, but it’s going to need to be perfected as the big day approaches.

Take into consideration whether a change of hairstyle is in order. If you’re concerned about dry skin, get some moisturiser. There are many effective moisturisers on the market for men. Little alterations to your routine can make a big difference.

Men’s Style Fashion has some fantastic and very easy tips for men’s grooming, including using a straight edge razor for a clean shave and keeping acne and blemishes at bay.

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