7 practical tips that will help you stay sane on your wedding day

Planning a wedding can be a stressful business. It’s important to keep a cool head under pressure. Staying sane on your wedding day will help you and your spouse-to-be enjoy every moment that you’ve been so carefully planning. Here we reveal seven practical tips to keep you grounded and ensure you enjoy all the magic of this fabulous occasion.

1. Don’t leave anything until the last minute

Whatever last minute tasks you think you can get done on the morning of or during your wedding day, think again. Where possible, complete last minute tasks in the run up to your wedding date, leaving the day itself to just be “wedding happy”.

2. Learn how to delegate

Your bridal party and close family and friends are there to help. In fact, they’re likely to be honoured to lend a hand with wedding tasks. There are so many simple wedding tasks that friends and family can help out with, so learn to delegate. Sharing the load with friends, family and suppliers will help keep wedding day stress levels to a minimum.

3. Stick to your wedding schedule

Your wedding schedule is likely to have taken lots of time and even more consideration to fine-tune, so stick to it. Whether you’re opting for a traditional running order or something a little different, a carefully devised timetable is the key to keeping each and every aspect of your wedding itinerary on track. With your timetable in tow you’ll have peace of mind that your wedding can be delivered as planned leaving you to enjoy it just as much as your guests.

4. Look after yourself

As most brides or grooms will tell you, remembering to eat and drink is a real struggle on your wedding day. Looking after yourself, as well as your guests, is so important. It was one of our things to remember on your wedding day, and is essential to keeping any ‘hangry’ feelings at bay.

5. Always have a plan B

Even the best laid plans can suffer a hiccup. It doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Being prepared is the key to keeping your sanity in the face of adversity. As Aisle Planner reveals, there are many wedding mistakes that may require a plan B. Even worst case scenarios like a bride or groom forgetting their vows can be solved with a bit of alternative planning:

“With so much to remember on the day of, it’s not all that unlikely that vows get left in the getting-ready room. To help avoid an all-out crisis at the altar, then, ensure your wedding planner or coordinator has a copy of both sets of vows prior to the day of. You can decide on a secret signal to give your planner once you’re at the altar should you need your vows—if caught in time, your planner can send the vows down the aisle with a member of your wedding party or processional. You should also provide your officiant a copy of your vows beforehand and ask that she or he keep a paper copy of both on hand just in case.”

6. Avoid putting too much pressure on yourself

Delegating and having a plan B both help the bride and groom get the peace of mind they need, but not putting too much pressure on yourself is also vital. Take it easy from the moment you wake up on your wedding morning, adding time into your schedule to relax and hang out with friends to keep stress at bay.

7. Remember what it’s all about

In the chaos of wedding planning it can be all too easy to lose the real reasoning behind this very special occasion. Taking some time out with your partner away from the crowds on your wedding day will ensure you remember what it’s all about.

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