Top wedding tips for the father of the bride

Father of the bride at Gosfield

As the father of the bride, you have a big role to play on the day of the wedding. From walking your daughter down the aisle, to giving an amusing – yet heartfelt – father of the bride speech, read our advice on how to best perform these important father’s day tasks.

Supporting your daughter financially

As the father of the bride you will have many responsibilities in organising the day. Traditionally, the father of the bride is expected to provide financial support for the wedding day ceremony and celebrations. While in modern times it is now expected that both parents of the couple help pay for the wedding and the celebrations. In addition, the couple themselves now also chip in to pay for the wedding. As the father of the bride, you will roughly be expected to pay for around 45% of the wedding – at least according to the recorded averages.

However, if you are strapped for cash, you can sensitively and diplomatically discuss the issue with your daughter. It’s best to be honest and upfront, but try to provide as much financial support as you feel you are able to.

If you are struggling for money, you can provide financial support in other ways. For example, are you socially skilled and able to charm your way to a cheaper price on the wedding band? In contrast, are you friends with a local florist, could you cut a deal with them? In addition, why not recruit your creative friends and family members into helping design and print the wedding invites, or recruit a family member who happens to be a budding ameutur photographer? Discuss creative ways to cut costs with your daughter, but don’t scrimp on cost where it really matters (such as her wedding dress and a beautiful wedding venue!).

Supporting your daughter emotionally

Wedding planning is a highly stressful time in any young woman’s life, so be sure to lend emotional and practical support. Can you help take the stress off of your daughter by taking the reins on important practical tasks? Also, be sure to offer her emotional support, a supportive word, a warm hug and optimism about the wedding plans will all go along way in helping your daughter have a stress-free run up to the wedding.

Writing a great wedding speech

As the father of the bride, the pressure to write a great wedding day speech is one. Luckily, it’s not hard to write a heartfelt, amusing speech and there are many great advice guides online to help you refine your speech. Follow these basic rules and you won’t go far wrong. Consider what you love most about your daughter, include amusing antidotes from her childhood and share you love and good wishes for the future.

Fundamental to fulfilling your role as the father of the bride is delivering a great father-of-the-bride speech and supporting her financially and emotionally. Following our simple tips, your daughter will greatly appreciate your presence in the run up to her wedding day and on the day itself.

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